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Fashion today

 Direction - efficiency, comfort. The fashion in recent years is extraordinarily challenging and supportive at the same time. Complex, because certain extravagant suggestions so quickly follow one another that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. It's like an experiment, sometimes even calling. He deliberately exaggerates some features to trigger a reaction that ultimately decides to be or not to be the new fashion. But there are a number of different fashion it is timeless. So the same jacket of the English suit has a lot of options. It is always in line with fashion.And then there's fashion which disappears and reappears, such as straight-leg silhouette.
No need to fear unexpected changes in fashion. Be wary of the other were not ready for it, obviously a negative attitude towards it. It is necessary to have patience and wait until it becomes clear. Only a broad Outlook, high culture will allow you to dominate this elusive, mutable fashion.
For modern fashion the unique image is mainly in the choice of the shape and style of the product. The desire of fashion to emphasize the individuality resulted in the division of clothing for adult and youth. These age groups, their characteristics, their aspirations, and they must be expressed by clothes. It is appropriate to say about the outfit, the ideal of modern fashion. Each fashion was their ideal. In the calculation on it and create new forms of fashion designers.
Conditional perfect figure of modern fashion combines femininity and sportiness: direct detailed shoulders, gently rounded chest, flexible waist, oval line of hips, graceful gait. 
Till 30th years of our century are always in fashion there was only one silhouette. In such fashion in the same silhouette was to "squeeze" myself a woman of any shape. The variety of clothing was solved only fabrics and design. 
Of contemporary fashion the favorable variety of forms. It gives a wide opportunity for selection.
Despite the diversity of forms of modern clothing can be divided into four silhouette, which in recent decades is constantly in fashion: straight, poluprilegayuschy, form-fitting and trapezoid. Each has several options, more volume or a more relaxed, classic. 
  Straight silhouette is the leading and the most common in all types of clothing. It can be narrow and elongated, i.e. have a rectangular shape (Fig. 21), or more broad, approaching to a square (figure 22). Straight silhouette with a rounded shoulder (Fig. 23) and slightly narrowed resembles the letter O, the same tapered, but with a sharper shoulder, the letter Y (Fig. 24). 

  Semilying silhouette slightly accentuates the shape of the figure may be shorter or longer. He is a silhouette a moderate fashion (Fig. 25, 26). 
Form fitted silhouette I can recall the letter X (Fig. 27). This form can create the extended shoulder line, hem and slim waist. A fitted silhouette can be narrow or loose bodice, extended or narrowed skirt.
  The a-line silhouette is a silhouette in which the shape extends from the shoulder line or the armhole. This extension can be calm, or a large movable tail (Fig. 28).
Diverse in form and the sleeve - casting and full-cut, Raglan sleeve and Raglan sleeve-epaulet, shirt different style. The armhole is high, medium or much reduced. In products with cap sleeves they can begin from the waist line. 
Modern fashion offers an extended shoulder line. In combination with shoulder pads can create a clear shape of the figure at the top. But can be products with a more rounded shoulder, especially clothing with sleeves casual shirt.
The shape of the garment is formed of various carved lines, the vertical, if necessary to achieve a slim figure, horizontal and various shaped. More popular in fashion in recent years was won by a diagonal line. They emphasize the asymmetric design of the products. 
Fashion does not impose a certain length. That - and a fashion for young people, and a very long, completely covering the eggs skirt. Moderate fashion suggests the length that covers the knee. 
A wide variety offers trendy range.
The persistence of traditional types of clothes offered as a reasonable fashion. They are enriched with new original solutions. The focus in these types of clothes is on new lines, finishing and, of course, high quality tailoring, because it's basically a range for the "elegant" age. 
Various types of unconventional clothing, new that can be combined in a multi-disciplinary and multi-sets (Fig. 29). 

A prerequisite in the fashion in recent years is the practicality and comfort, because only in such clothes people feel comfortable and relaxed.
We have already noted that in search of the modern ideas of fashion turns to history, national costume and fashion of the past decades of our century. 
30-e and 50-e years of the revived women's clothes men's style and classically elegant shape of the suit. Appeal to the fashion 40-50 years back clothes the shoulder pads and femininity. 
Each new fashion is just an impulse to reflection, the direction of the search.

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