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Connection of shelves with back and handle the bottom of the jacket

Side seams in the jackets treated the same way as in coat (see Chapter 1, p 11). The side sections of the jackets are not overcast, as the lining on the bottom is not unfastened.

After treatment side seams trimmed the bottom of the jacket as well as coat (see Chapter 1, p 11). The bottom of the jackets treated with a finishing or uspeshnoi stitching. Finishing line of perform, depending on the model. After trimming the lower section of the jacket to bend towards the inside on the planned line and zametyvayut direct manual stitch length of 1.5 - 2 cm or on emergency vehicles at a distance of 0.5 - 0.7 cm from the bent edge. After zamatyvala hem priorivet with pre-steaming from the bent edge, straightening the bottom line.Finishing line at the bottom performed simultaneously with the finishing line at the boundary areas of the entire jacket.

When processing bottom line uspeshnoi bent the lower section are bent at the swept line and sutured along the entire length of hand blind stitch stitching that is not visible from the front side, or off highway. When attaching the lower edge of the adhesive tape it to zamatyvala the allowance for ACC, departing from the line of bending the bottom 0.5 - 0.7 cm of the Adhesive bond is produced during hot-swept hem of the jacket.In products, not flared at the bottom, from fabrics containing synthetic fibers, in the presence of vertical relief seams, cutting the side parts, the middle seam of the back allowed internal fixation is not performed, limiting the attachment of the sections of bending the bottom for the allowances of loop-like stitches seams. If the bottom edge of the sides of the handle on the machine (while simultaneously grinding with sides), inner sections of podborov on the part of the ACC bottom attached to the ACC manual stitches with a frequency of 3 stitch 1 cm.The products with high fall yarns slices before suturing to buckle inside 0.2 - 0.4 cm.

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