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Final coat finish

 Cleaning coat. Before wet-heat treatment of the product and remove the remaining lines of the temporary assignment, the cut ends of the threads, clean the traces of chalk and remove process dust. To remove the lines previously netscout in several places. Thread remove by hand, pulling them along lines without lifting up in order to avoid rupture of the fabric. In-depth stitches and the stitches are of small size pick up peg. The ends of the thread are cut off with scissors at the level of the surface of the fabric. Traces of chalk and dust purified production of ordinary or mechanical brushing (handheld or stationary).

 Wet-heat processing. For final wet-heat processing is the removal Semenov, crumpled areas and giving the product excellent commodity appearance. Treatment consists of hot, steaming, removing Las and produced iron presses and steam-driven mannequins. After the final wet-heat processing to coat sew buttons.
In the manufacture of garments for individual orders efficiently executed wet-heat processing of the product before connecting it with the lining reduces the final Ironing processing of the coat and reduced to preatorian shoulder seams, okatov sleeveless and the sleeves and lining. Prutivka perform the face with an iron through a damp protohellenic.
The upper part of the product priorivet on the block, positioning it in accordance with the size coat, and the lower part on Ironing table without pads. Left shelf priorivet from the bottom up with the capture of the shoulders, gradually moving the product, at the same time priorivet sleeve, giving it a tubular pillow and placing it along the shelves. Prutivka combine with the steam. Then priorivet back, and then the right shelf with the right sleeve. Priorivet lining inside the coat through protohellenic and, if necessary, with steaming through a double protohellenic.
The last step is to prutivka armholes side lining (edge). Prutivka perform on the table, setting the stage for iron inside the openings, 1.5 - 2 cm for sleeve lining.
In mass production, final Ironing processing is performed in two steps (first steamed and straighten the edges, and then pressed permanently) in the following sequence: sides, lapels, collar, and hem. Prutivka performed on presses with universal flat pillows. The shoulder part of the product and okaty sleeveless priorivet press with special pillows. In the presence of steam-air dummies coats treated with simultaneous steaming and the removal of Las. Then priorivet lining. 

 Sewing buttons. Buttons distinguish two types: to fasten and trim. Sew buttons on the markup in accordance with the location of the loops and decorative buttons. In the manufacture of products for individual orders buttons are sewn manually of cotton threads No. 10 - 30, choosing them by the color of the fabric for the buttons with eyelet and color of buttons for the buttons with a through hole. Sewing perform twice folded thread.
Buttons two holes sew five or six stitches, four - three-four. Buttons to fasten sew with the distance between the item and a button on the front (leg), finishing the buttons flush to the fabric. Stand height corresponds to the thickness of the edge of the side shelf, medium rack height equal to 0.3 - 0.5 cm, the Rack is obtained in various ways: small height provide slope buttons when sewing at higher stand on the button between the holes, applied a match, block it threads, then the match is removed and assign to a button up.Rack wrap four to six turns of thread. Along the side of the product buttons sew in a shelf together with side strip. If the side strip does not fall under the button, then the button on the inner side of the product enclose the strip from the side strips or sew a button with Popovica that comes from podborta. Products with the Central onboard fastener on buttons sew-through puncture with podborta.
In the mass production of buttons sewn on a special machine.

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