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Home » Articles » Manufacturer of women's and children's outerwear

For General information about jackets

The jackets are manufactured as a standalone garment and complete with a skirt, pants, and vest. Women's and children's jackets are an integral part of the suit subject to the fulfilment of a set from the same cloth. Jackets come in summer, spring, autumn and winter. Summer jackets are usually made from lightweight fabric in different colors and can be lined without it. Winter jackets (Fig. 65) are made of dense tissue on the lining. Winter jackets are different from demi the presence of insulated pads and fur finishes.

Silhouette of a jackets are: adjacent, poluprilegayuschy, straight and flared. Defines the silhouette of fashion. The jackets can be with the Central onboard fastener and offset, and with a zipper top to the lapel. The angles of the lapels and collars of the ends can be rounded, sharp or blunt. The bottom corners of the boards can be rectangular or rounded. 

Shelves and back yoke is decorated with various shapes, located in the upper part of the product. Slots is performed in the lower part of the middle seam of the back or side seams. The length of the slot depends on the model.

Raised seams model vertical, horizontal and inclined. 

Sleeves may be set-in, Raglan, cap, combined, with different finishes. One of the distinctive finishes of sleeves, typical of the jackets are slots located in the lower part of the elbow joint. The splines on the sleeves are wylacznie, unfastened and open, with buttons and without.

Decorating elements of t are side pockets (with flap, a frame, leaves, curly), false, relief seams and the left side upper pocket of the leaflets. Off jackets of various shapes with straps and belts. 

Details of the cut of the jacket shown in Fig. 66.

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