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Home » Articles » Manufacturer of women's and children's outerwear

Overview of outerwear

Range of top women's and children's clothing is very diverse. According to the method of operation outerwear parts on shoulder and waist. Depending on the fashion items can be a variety of silhouettes, various shapes, different design of the basic details and finishing elements. The silhouettes products are divided into direct, poluprilegayuschy adjacent and flared. 
Products can be hard or simply soft.
By construction, the products are Central and with the displaced onboard fastener, yoke, pleats, slots, various cover and sleeve etc. the Product is with the Central onboard fastener is light entering one side shelves on the other (4 - 6 cm from the line of prosanos) and one row of buttoned buttons, located at the center front. The product with the displaced onboard fastener is characterized by an increased allowance from the line of prosanos (10 - 12 cm) and two rows of buttons, of which one row is fastened.
Yoke can be on the shelves and back various sizes and shapes. The slots are arranged in the middle seam of the back or side seams, they can be different lengths, but not above the waist line. 
By the cut distinguish products with vtachnoy sleeves, Raglan sleeves, palurien, single, mixed etc. the Sleeves can have various types of finishes (tabs, PATA, vents, cuffs, etc.).
The coat model (Fig. 1) are determined by the following items of clothing: different types of Darts, raised lines, folds, clasps, different types of collars and lapels, a variety of pockets and their location, as well as finishing elements (belts, straps, valves, leaflets, etc.). 
Clothing is a necessity for man. It covers more than 80% of the human body and protects it from adverse environmental conditions.
Requirements for clothing are very diverse. They are divided into hygienic, mechanical, aesthetic, ease of use, technical and economic. 
Hygienic requirements provide thermal insulation properties of clothing, the air under clothing layer, water absorption, providing the abstraction of moisture from the body, and water resistant to protect from moisture. 
Mechanical requirements - this is requirements of strength, resistance to abrasion, repeated bending, coloring, shape retention, etc.
Aesthetic requirements include artistic product design, selection of material color and texture. 
Technical requirements must be met in the production process of clothing in full accordance with the requirements of state standards and technical conditions. 
Economic demands include reducing the cost of manufacturing products, the minimum consumption of materials, reducing time for manufacturing of products, typing, and unification of units and parts etc.
There are specific requirements for clothing. It should not only please the eye with its harmonious proportions, beautiful lines, well-chosen fabrics and finishes, first of all it should be light, comfortable, does not restrict movement, be simple to manufacture. Design of children's clothes are not constant, they change under the influence of fashion. The novelty and variety of children's clothing to some extent, depend on those lines that are fashionable in clothes adults. However, children's clothing should not blindly copy clothes for adults.Separate fashion items - collars, yoke, embroidery., finishes of a fabric of a different color, leather, knit and make clothing modern character. Silhouette of children's clothing does not change as often as clothing for adults, and is in direct proportion to age, physique and appearance of the child.
For the manufacture of the top women's and children's clothing using a wide range of materials, wherein various raw materials composition, production method, structure and properties. 
As a covering material (upper materials) used fabric, knitted and nonwoven fabrics, artificial and natural leather, suede and fur, quilted, layered and duplicated materials. 
The appearance of the clothes depends on the quality of internal linings, lining, sewing thread. The range of these types of materials widely used synthetic fibers.

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