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Home » Articles » Manufacturer of women's and children's outerwear

Overview pants

Description of the appearance of the pants

Fashionable product women's clothes are pants. The patterns are very diverse (Fig. 87). By appointment they can be casual, sporty (shorts, jeans, etc.). Pants included in the costume set if they are sewn from the same fabric with the jacket. Pants can be from waist or below it for 10 - 15 cm, can be with front zipper or side seam, with a stitched belt or cap, with cuffs or without them. The pants are treated with various pockets (Welt and patch), which are arranged in the side seams on the front and back halves.All the pockets on the pants are treated without dolevikov (replaces them with burlap). Belt on the wrong side can be processed with a grosgrain braid or lining fabric. The front halves of trousers depending on the destination and fabrics can be processed on the lining. Women's sports trousers and pants for girls have a tighter fit; they can be knee-length or long. Pants design is also detachable at the knees, yoke on the front and rear halves. Pants can decorate the finishing line. The side seams can be topstitched or nastronie.

The processing sequence Trouser

Pants treated in this sequence: 
1. Checking and preparation of cut parts for sewing.
2. Processing of small parts. 
3. Primaqiune supers and treatment of tucks and folds. 
4. Wet-heat processing of the front and rear halves. 
5. The eyelet sections of the front and rear halves of the pants. 
6. Pocketing. 
7. Processing side and stepping seams. 
8. Processing of zipper in left side seam. 
9. Processing of the front and middle seam. 
10. Processing upper edge of trousers. 
11. Processing of the bottom of the pants. 
12. Final finish. 
13. Quality control processing.
The processing sequence of the trousers varies depending on the model. 

Parts cut trousers

 Name of the details of the cut. Pants made up of parts of the top, lining and butt; their number and shape depend on the model. 
Details of top (Fig. 88) cutting of main fabric, they are: front halves of the pants 2, the rear halves of the pants 2 belt (two parts) - 2, piping pockets and 4 valances - 2.
Application materials include grosgrain ribbon for the processing of the upper edge of trousers, braid for processing trousers, skirts and cushioning materials. Of the latest for kids: pudpots (two parts) - 2 parts (in the processing zone without the grosgrain ribbons) and the burlap side pockets - 2 details. 
 The name of the lines and slices parts cut. Parts cut are the following names of the lines and sections (see Fig. 88): in the front half of the pants the upper section 1, front section 2, step 3, cut the bottom 4 and side 5 cut; in the back half of the top 1, medium 2 and step 3 sections, cut the bottom 4, side 5, and cutoff line primaqiune supers 6. 
 Preparation of cut parts for sewing. On the front and rear halves to check the presence of control marks, necessary for the connection details and the location of the pockets. On the rear half of the pants in the presence of supers steps cut required the seam allowance of primaqiune extensions. The shape and size of the extensions clarify the patterns. The width of the extensions steps cut in the top and middle seam is 7 cm, the length must not exceed 20 cm in the fabric on the rear half should match the pattern extension.
On the upper cut of the front and rear halves clarify marks the location of the tuck-folds. Check the location of pockets on the patterns and refines the front side part and the ends of zatrachivaniya tucks - on the reverse side. Check the availability of the necessary control marks along the side and the stepper sections for precision joints and the correctness of the balance of the pants. A distinct pattern of tissue (cells, strips) in the side seams must match. If the zipper in front, and then the check digit should be at the bottom of the front of the slice to determine the end of the clasp.
During the individual manufacture of products for all control marks the location of Darts, pockets lay string lines, marking their lines and marks required in the processing of trousers. 
With mass production of clothing control signs replaced nadechka, checking their location on the patterns.

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