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Depending on the model skirts can have pockets, which, in addition to its primary purpose, serve finish. Pockets feature on the front panels of the skirt and less on the rear. In appearance, the pockets are very diverse: in the frame, the valve, the leaflets, invoices, shaped carved lines, etc. Pockets are decorated with decorative pleats, tucks, tabs, mounted and Welt loops, buttons, embroidery, etc.

Treatment Welt pockets in skirts is basically the same as the machining of pockets in coats and jackets. The difference is that the Welt pockets in skirts (for the purity of internal processing) process on sackcloth, i.e. before the connection of the parts from the inside are placed the burlap pocket. Primaqiune parts on the front side, the cutting of the pocket is produced with the seizure of the burlap. Then cut the bottom piping scribbled on the burlap by folding in the direction of the main part. Further processing similar to the processing in the pockets of coats and jackets.Cuts burlap is treated with a double seam or bridging with the buttonhole.

When processing invoices the pockets first manufactured pockets, then connect them with a skirt. Pockets can be lined without it. The top edge of the pocket facing the handle podkralas obecnym seam or seam bodybu closed slice width 3 to 4 cm Inner bends cut zastrugivajut or scribbled on the pocket. In the products of legkopolirujushchiesja tissue zastrahovany the cut must be serged. The top edge of the pocket when handling seam bodybu strengthen the linen or glue on one edge, which is fixed for the ACC top edge of the pocket by machine stitching at a distance of 0.2 - 0.3 cm from the fold.When machining the top edge of the facing to the seam allowance on grinding scribbled on the facing on 0.2 - 0.3 cm from the seam. The top edge of the pocket may be with the finishing line in various widths depending on the model.

The pockets on the skirt connect bridging, lapped tongue or patch seam with a shut cut. In the skirts of legkopolirujushchiesja tissues before connecting the pocket with the product slices overcast. The ends of the pocket clips double or triple machine stitch in two ways: with a line parallel to the line of connection of the pocket with the workpiece, at a distance of 0.5 - 0.7 cm from the sides of the pocket with a length equal to the width of the folded top edge, and stitch along the top edge of the pocket with a length of 0,5 - 0,7 see

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