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Preparation of cut parts for sewing

Check the details of the cut

Before checking the details of the cut must be acquainted with normative and technical documentation. The test starts with the determination of the availability of the details of the cut: shelves, backs, upper and lower halves of the sleeves, podborov, collars, valves, obrazek, etc. According to the model Refine the structural lines, the fabric, check the direction of the pile, the accuracy of the cutting parts in the directions of main and weft threads and there are no textile of marriage in the details of the cut.
The dimensional accuracy of the parts check by overlaying the patterns. If necessary, details cut precise, pointing them to the patterns finely honed chalk. Line thickness of the stroke should not exceed 0.1, see the Inner side of the line of the stroke must match exactly with the contour of the templates. The excess tissue is cut and again put the notch (control characters) to a depth not exceeding 0.5 cm Check the presence and correctness of all control characters. The details of the cut on the auxiliary patterns outline the location of the pockets, folds, loops, tucks, Princess seams, etc'.
When checking the details on the patterns of deviation from a predetermined shape by cross-section should not be higher than allowed:

Surfaces of the parts Deviation ± mm
Shoulder slice, slice armholes, collar, neckline, sleeveless okatov 1
The side sections, the middle seam of the back, elbow and front sections of the sleeves, cut patch pockets, etc. 2
Slices of bottom of sleeves, shelves, headboards, cut parts of the lining and pads 3
Misalignment nasechek 2

Numbering cut

In the context of the Atelier in the manufacture of products for individual orders on the right shelf coat sew card (passport order) indicating a receipt number of order, name of customer, name of product, style, measurements taken from the customer.
In mass production of sewing clothes tailor gives together with the cut fabric printed labels, which later in the finished product are replaced with marking labels. Tissue label indicates the name and number of products, article top fabric, lining, size, growth, completeness, date of cutting, the name of the cutter.
Label sew on the right shelf at a distance from the slices on the sides and bottom, equal to 10 - 15 cm Other details top mark, as in mass production of clothing.
In conditions of mass production. outerwear garment enterprises from one deck cuts out a large number of products (up to 40 units). Not to mix the parts during processing and Assembly, their number.
Parts cut the top number by attaching on a special machine a ticket with a number on the front side. On the details of the lining room is applied with colored pencil or chalk on the reverse side. The sequence number must be clearly visible and not interfere with the processing of the product (see table. 5).
All the details of the cut of one product must be the same number.

Table 5 the location of the license plates on the details of the products

The product Detail The location of the sign
Coat, short coat, suit, jacket, vest The main fabric
Shelf At a distance of 10 - 15 cm from the bottom and cut the side
Back (whole or split) At a distance of 10 - 15 cm from bottom and side of the slice
The upper half of sleeves In the middle of the width of the sleeve at a distance of 15 cm from the edge of the crown
Bottom half sleeve In the middle of the length and width
Podbot In the middle of the width at a distance of 20 - 25 cm from the upper edge
The upper collar In the middle of the width at a distance of 10 cm from either end
The lower collar At the left end of the flight
Valve, leaflets, patch pocket, cuff, piping and valances In the middle of the part
Belt In the middle of the width at a distance of 10 - 15 cm from the end
Backing cloth
Shelf At a distance of 10 - 15 cm from the bottom and middle of the slice
Back At a distance of 10 - 15 cm from bottom and side of the slice
The upper and lower halves of the sleeves At a distance of 10 - 15 cm from the lower edge
The valance, pocket lining, cuff, proderzhaly, nadstavki to detail In the middle of the part
Hanger Selected color

Specifications for cutting

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