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Processing the front and rear halves of the pants

Stitching Darts 

Rear halves of the pants can have extensions, which cuts the connection to the main part of the overcast off highway. Then fold the tops with half pants, right sides inside, equalizing sections, and pritachivajut them with a seam width of 1 cm the Solutions tucks, their location and quantity depend on the degree of fit with product figure and its completeness.
On forward halves of trousers design solid Darts and soft Darts-pleats. The front half of a bend along the intended midline tuck face inside, combining marks on the top slice. Sew a tuck at the side starting from the top slice and reducing place to nothing, with the clips at the beginning and the end. Tuck-pleated grind on the planned line from the upper edge down to 4 - 5 cm with clips. The lower setting can be replaced by a line at right angles to the bend.
On the rear halves of the pants from the top of the slice have one or two Darts, which can be split or continuous. Beam Darts in the handle for chalk lines as well as on the front halves. When processing the split tucks detail folded face inward,equating slices tucks, stachivaya their seam width 0.7 - 0.8 cm, gradually reducing the width of the bead, no finishing below the cut tuck on 1 - 1.5 cm Slices tucks overcast. 
After primaqiune extension to the rear halves and handling of the Darts begin to wet-heat treatment of the pants.

Wet-heat processing of key parts of the pants 

Wet-heat treatment is an important operation in the manufacture of trousers, are dependent on the appearance and shape of the pants. In the manufacture of pants from tissues containing large amounts of synthetic fibers, wet-heat processing particularly complex, so the shape of the pants creating a design. 
Start wet-heat treatment of resoluzione seams primaqiune supers and the split of Darts.
In tight pants to the bottom of the wet-heat treatment is performed on the front and back halves. Start wet-heat processing of front halves. To obtain a concave line below the knee two front halves of the fold, right sides inside, the slices are equal, having lower cut left, side - to working. The side slice is moistened, and the lower part halves gradually withdrawn with the left hand in the direction of stepping of the slice, and the right hand moves the iron along the side cut in the side of the bottom. The resulting slack of the fabric in the middle section of the line from the knee to the bottom sativum (Fig. 89, a).The same techniques pulled the front halves of the pants by stepping the slice. Then, the front half turn and repeat the wet-heat treatment from the second half of the trousers.
Halves of the pants bend at the joint direction from the bottom up to the line of the lateral knee and step sections coincided, and bend from the knee coincides with the top front crease. Fold the front half of the pants below the knee again produce sutivana if it is necessary to generate a smooth concave line (Fig. 89, b). 
For fixing the final shape of the part is disconnected and re-iron the top half, folded it along the fold with the wrong side inside. Bends iron through the humidified protohellenic.
The rear halves of the pants is folded, right sides inside, equating all of the slices. The details are laid out side-cut to a working, lower - right. From the knee to the bottom side cut storevault, then back half turn stepping to a running cut, and the bottom right, and storevault step cut as well as side. This sutivana creates a convex shape on the fold detail on the bulge of the calf.
Continuing the wet-heat treatment of the rear halves, moisten the stepper (from the knee up) and medium-sized slices. To obtain the necessary forms for vypuklosti buttocks these sections are pulled. Iron direct step-by-step sections from the knee up, simultaneously removing the upper part of the stepper from the working sections so that the sections were located in a straight line. Without changing the position of the halves of the pants, pulled the middle sections on the site most of the excavation (Fig. 89,). Resulting slack tissue arcuate motion is withdrawn in the direction of the bend.Then half turn and repeat the wet-heat treatment from the other part.
To consolidate the created form the rear halves of the bend along upper edge of left, stepping up, stepping to the side and slices from the knee to the bottom coincided, and settled down to running. The lower sections of the call. Further, the fold line directed to the top of the middle slice, not reaching the waist line on 5 - 7 cm, depending on the properties of the fabric. On the plot below the line of the knee produce additional pulling on the fold and sutivana stepper and lateral slices. Pulling the medium cuts increase by pushing the fabric with your left hand, inserting it under the slices.The resulting slack in the area under the buttocks and at the level of the knee sativum fold (Fig. 89, g). Then the parts are separated and the upper half peruutusehdot, then again iron, but from the front side.
Trousers of cotton fabrics during wet-heat treatment only retard medium-sized slices at the site of the largest recess. 
With mass production of clothing rear halves of the pants are molded (if applicable products) on presses with special pillows, folding the left and right halves, right sides inside.

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