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Treatment side strip

In the jackets of a thin fabric that contains synthetic fibers (polyester or acrylic), apply low-applied materials. Depending on the form of shelves, handling of side spacers may be different: the side padding may consist of one layer; it can be sealed shoulder pads (shoulder); with additional pads made of hair tissue, and can be handled by way of adhesive attachment.
Methods of treatment side strip, in addition to handling her pads made of hair cloth, as described in Chapter 1, p 5. Below is a look at the processing side of the strip with additional overlays of hair tissue. 
Before processing side of the strip and check parts (Fig. 67 a - side strip; b - shoulder pad; hair trim; d - capillary column: d - summary of the hair). Then in the side strip sew tucks and pritachivajut extensions in the same way as in the processing on-Board pads for light coats. After the wet-heat treatment on a side gasket is applied to the hair column so that its Central point coincided with the centre of convexity of the breast and the upper section was located at a distance of 10 - 12 cm from the humeral cut (Fig. 68, a). The top column cover trim hair by combining the middle with the center line of the column and positioning it off the shoulder cut at the distance of 8 - 10 cm from the line of inflection lapel - 2 - 3 cm from the cut arm openings - 3 to 4 cm (Fig. 68, b). 
Next, on the top side of the strip applied shoulder pads, adjusting sections, or at a distance of 2 - 3 cm from the shoulder sections of the basic layer. The lower section of the shoulder pads should overlap the upper cut hair extensions (Fig. 68, in). Parts fasten hand or machine stitching down the middle. 
Side strip wasteheat on emergency vehicles or for sanding machine zigzag stitching (Fig. 68, g). The distance between the lines 1 - 2 cm, the line is not brought to the shoulder sections at 4 to 5, see If the pads have from the side strip adjacent to the lining side strip wasteheat from the pads, otherwise the gasket turn the covers down and mysterybut it from the base layer.The bottom part side of the gasket during wystawianie keep the top a bit looser to provide the necessary bulge in the chest area when forming the side spacers.
After wystawiania for protection of the edges of the hair lining from fraying and to create a shape in the chest area along the side and bottom sections scribbled a cotton strip (the summary) of the hair of two parallel lines at a distance of 0.2 - 0.3 cm from the edge of the summaries (Fig. 68, d). To better secure the sections of hair extensions between the parallel lines can be routed in place of the zigzag shape of the distance between the angles of 1.5 - 2 cm the Middle line of the summary must match the slices of the hair tissue.The first line lay along the inside of the cut, Posiva while the side padding on the sides for bulges on the chest of 0.5 - 0.7 cm; on the bottom side of the summary are laid without tension. Cotton summary can be replaced with a strip of cloth with an adhesive coating, in this case it connects to side seal with an iron.
Side strip can be processed without hair column. The products fabric high groups depending on the design of the hair extensions may overlap the second layer side of the strip, which cuts out subject to the following requirements: to the waist line it does not reach 2 - 3 cm to the line of inflection lapel - 1 - 2 cm, and at the shoulder sections and the armholes have it flush with the main side gasket. In this case, the summary is not necessary.

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