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National wedding dress Karakalpak women

Complex national wedding costume of Karakalpak women, despite the spacious, tunic-like garment, fully emphasises their grace, elegance and beauty. 

Shades of red prevailing in clothes and hats, contrasting together with white, green and yellow embroidery. 

Such a vivid the color of the national wedding costume restrained and warm set off by silver jewelry. 

In that outfit found its expression not only the originality of color combinations and aesthetic preferences, as well as the skill and sense of style of its creators.

Karakalpak set of wedding clothes richly adorned with jewelry and embroidery, which gives it a festive and unique look. 

The composition of the outfit must include pants and underwear shirt, dress blue (Kok kalec) and three types of hats (tobelem, saukele and Kyzyl kiymeshek). 

On top of all throws Jipek jegde – traditional head wrap. 

Kok kalek embroidered, red thread, and in different parts is allowed to use the yellow and green.

A pattern of embroidery (saut, nages) is a pattern of diamond shapes and rows of ornamental strips on the chest, something reminiscent of chain mail. 

This ornament was embroidered with the upper part of the national wedding dresses. 

As for the bottom part of the dress, it was adorned with stepped diamonds, within which there were crosses, are the same in magnitude. 

The location of all embroidered patterns, which include coded information about tribe girl and the history of its kind, wishes for a happy future and magic spells that protect from the evil eye, canonized.

The whole composition embroidery Kok kaleke should be constructed strictly symmetrically. The most richly decorated with embroidery Kyzyl kiymeshek. 

Every bride should embroider not only his badge but also the edges of the wedge-shaped triangular shawl, sewn in the back. 

The chest part is decorated with several rows of vertical and horizontal patterned stripes, which are United in a complex composition. 

Edge kimeshek always embroidered floral ornament. 

On top of kimeshek women karakalpaki wear saukele - vintage headdress, which is made in the form of a helmet.

It is made out of felt and then covered with a red cloth and is richly decorated with metal pendants, and ornamental buckles, beads and colored stones. 

To the lower rear part of the saukele is attached Halyk's long - strip of fabric, decorated with embroidered patterns. 

Its side parts are sewn bead coarse grid, descending to the shoulders. 

National wedding costume of Karakalpak women completes the robe-Cape, which is cut similar to the cut of the Uzbek veil. 

But such a cloak is a very characteristic, long false sleeves, which drop behind you and touch the strings.

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