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Sew Gypsy outfit

Many girls from early childhood are attracted to Gypsy costumes, lush, bright and loud jingling coins. Thankfully, any loving mother, even one that possesses the minimum skills of sewing, can without any difficulty to translate into reality the dream daughter made for her new year ball and a Gypsy outfit.

Dear moms, sew a Gypsy costume you will need to purchase the following: two piece of cloth (the first bright-colored fabric, the second fabric with a bright floral pattern), decorative coins, artificial flower, thread, twine and sequins.

Now go directly to the instructions for sewing the outfit for the little Tsyganok.

Blouse is sewn in a suitable pattern of bright material with colorful floral designs. The sleeves are cut out in full compliance with the principle of "Spanish flu", that is, the sleeve should be straight to the elbow, and then - much to separate the sides. To achieve this effect, you can sew a lush frill "sun flare" from the elbow. The Assembly is hidden from plain material. Shelves are cut out so that the finished blouse is easily tied at the knot. To stitched the blouse should be pristroit oversized collar-flounce. Neck and forepart of the blouse are finished with bias binding.

The Gypsy women wore very full skirts. This skirt is sewed according to the pattern "double sun flare" from bright matter (the flower ornament is a must!). Skirt can be sewn even without patterns, that is, the marking be made directly on the fabric. You will need to shoot with daughters two measurements – the skirt length and waist circumference. Ideally, the skirt should cover the ankles. The measured waist is calculated the radius of the notches of the armhole to the waist. On the fabric mark the two semi - halves of the skirt. Skirt length is measured from the edge. The ACC added 2 - 3 cm. the radius of the openings for the waist is celebrated on the same line. As the center of the skirt will serve as the end point. Her arc is held at the previously calculated radius. On equity and the transverse direction is 1 cm to increase the notch and hold the arc for a future top-slice. In the second half of the skirt marking is done similarly. Both parts of the skirt are sewn together (edge to handle). For finishing bottom of the skirt using a wide flounce of bright-colored fabric.

An important element of the Roma national costume is a scarf that ties on the hips. Made it very simple. Cut out scarf, the edges of which obmenivaetsya the serger and embellished with fringe, decorative ribbons and sequins.

To stitch an ornament for the head you need to take the satin ribbon (wide) or bright fabric and sew to her previously purchased decorative flower. The tape can be decorated with sequins and decorative coins.

Ready Gypsy outfit is complemented by large clips or earrings, bulky bracelets and bright rings.

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