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Sew a kilt themselves

The kilt is Scottishnational pleated skirt that is worn mainly by men. According to tradition, men's kilt should be knee length, and the female can be shorter or longer. Since this national Scottish clothing is nothing like an ordinary skirt, then sew it will not be difficult even for the beginner. The front of the kilt should consist of two layers of fabric that overlap each other (no creases!), but his back must be folded. Most interesting is that these kilts should always be done manually.

Now let's talk about how much material you need for tailoring of the Scottish kilt? In any case, the amount of fabric depends on the size of the cell on it. To calculate the total consumption of matter at the level of the waist (for males) or thighs (for women) up to 100 cm as follows: 52 cm x 3 pleats and rear skirt - 156 cm, 52 cm for sewing the front apron (need 2 parts) - 104 cm margin – about 52 cm Total comes out to about three meters, but when you consider that the acquired piece of fabric comes in two stripes, you have to buy only 1.5 m of material.Sewing a kilt requires a special cellular fabric with ornament, which is called tartan. Of course, in Scotland also wear solid color kilts, but if you ultimately want to create an authentic national kilt, then try to find tartan or plain black tight in the cage (large).

Before you start to sew a kilt need to measure the circumference of hips and waist and also the length of kilt. A real Scottish kilt must reach the knees, but he must not touch the floor when tilted. Merc should remove the measure from the line from the waist to the knee (mid-knee). To the resulting added length of about four inches - on ACC. Not to be mistaken with the choice of the width of the kilt, the person to whom it is sewn, you should attach the fabric to the front and wrap the material around her hips.In places where the fabric would cross the side seams on clothing, to make a mark (for this purpose, are great safety pins). Now you will understand where it will end apron (front part) and where will start the folds of the kilt.

Finished with measurements, you will need one side (the bottom of the kilt) tuck two inches of fabric to stitch the hem on the machine and ironed it carefully. Then the fabric is folded in large folds so that the total width of the cut was hip + smell. Folds nazhivljajut two sides on a thread. The tissue should be carefully Ocarina iron through gauze. Tip: if you want to have stable folds, then RUB them with a piece of dry soap on the reverse side.The final step in tailoring of the kilt should be pretrazivanje belt (a piece of cloth with a width of 6 cm and length equal to the width of smoothed the skirt fabric) and sewing buttons. Recommended on the inside of the kilt to sew an inconspicuous button, and the exterior is beautiful and big.

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