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How to sew a Kaftan for Muslim women

Every Muslim woman can without any difficulty made himself a coat. It is necessary to remove the measure from the 7th cervical vertebra to desired length of the future coat. You need to buy a piece of cloth in the two resulting lengths. The width of the fabric should be not less than 1 – 1.1 m

Purchased fabric is cut and bent in half on the fold line. The width of both pieces should be adjusted to 90 cm Excess fabric cut off. Of these edges of the fabric cut two equal rectangle. The size of each should be length – 30 cm width - 15 cm

Each rectangle is formed by the common thread in half, wrong side inside. The resulting crease otpravitsya with a flat iron. These details will serve for further processing of the slot in the neck.

To the front of the coat you select one of the existing pieces of the material. The fabric is laid out on a table or the floor face up. It is laid out and cut the front part of the neck. This is done as follows:

- marked center of the fabric on the fold line by means of ordinary pins;

- from the center point perpendicular to the lay down of 20 cm and mark the point with a pin;

- from the center point (top) left and right by 15 cm;

- from the center point (bottom) left and right 5 cm;

- cut neckline neck.

For treatment of neck take two previously prepared rectangle. Them pinned to the side of cut arm openings for the head, while aligning the shorter side (pay attention to the fact that is the place to be above and below a surplus).

Piping prostrachivajut to the front. The joints should begin and end exactly in the transverse marks. All seam must be nadsech in the corners diagonally the exact label and process. Thus it is necessary to try not to grab the piping and not to touch the seam. Piping turn away to the center so that they overlap one another, and then primatyvajutsja.

The base of the neck the excess tissue structure to the required lengths and pin to neckline, that is to the open edge. All prostrachivajut. Top and bottom of the neck cut off the excess ends of obrazek and lower allowances are processed and couturaud down.

On the back of the coat should outline the middle part. Then, stepping to the left and to the right 1/2 the distance of the obtained width of the finished armhole to the neck the front of the product, perform the cutting of the neck backless. Everything is handled with bias binding.

To finish the coat must be folded back and front part of the Kaftan to each other, right sides. Shoulder and side seams attracivte and processed. Open on both sides must remain the armhole (leave about 25 cm). Slits for hands and fringes decorative braid or binding. The bottom of the coat tucks and prostrachivajut.

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