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Sew a special outfit for prayers

Each Muslim wishes to pray to sew special kit, because prayer is for her a kind of secret sacrament that cleanses the soul and allows in blessed solitude to turn to God.

This was the reason that today many prefer not to purchase a standard dress, and the clothes that made by hand to suit the desired texture of the fabric and their own preferences regarding color. Today wedecided to give a few practical recommendations that should help our readers themselves to make prayer a very comfortable and beautiful dress. The only thing we would like to remind you about is that choosing the material for a set, it is desirable to give preference to a small pattern and aged to strict tones. Highly undesirable defiantly bright colors such as orange, red, crimson, yellow, etc.

Skirt can be made in several ways:

1. In principle, for the skirt you can buy cut the fabric wider, for example, a width of 1.5 m. Next, you should measure the skirt length from waist line to the floor. The fabric is purchased in two lengths. Purchased material folded in half and cut into two equal parts. As a result, you should go back and front panels of the future skirt. Product prostrachivajut on the sides and bottom of the skirt are folded and processed. To make the drawstring for the elastic you need the upper section to bend the width is 2 cm and stitch, leaving open a small area through which they will devatsya gum.Optionally, you can make the gum in several rows, but the width of the hems, of course, make a little wider. The skirt will be ready after threading her gum.

2. If the girl has a small waist, it can easily sew a skirt for prayer at the yoke. This yoke is made of 2 parts, a length equal to half the circumference of the hips plus 10 cm on the freedom of fit and width 20 cm Side seams of the skirt panels and yoke sostragivajut. On the top slice skirt probivaetsya and primatives to the yoke, which is made drawstring. The hem of the finished skirt should also be processed and filed.

Now, how to sew a tunic. First, measure the height from the shoulder to the floor line. Bought a piece of cloth, equal to two measured lengths. The material is folded in half and fixed by means of pins (front side should be inside). Tunic ostracised on the sides (don't forget to leave slits for the sleeves). After this is cut and processed neckline. The final stage is the registration of bending the bottom of the product.

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