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How to sew a Ukrainian shirt-vyshyvanka

National Ukrainian suit (female) traditionally consists of shirts, embroidery, plakhta, apron, Corsetti and belt. The plahtiy is a rectangular skirt which fastens at the center waist, and the belt and the apron can be made of plaid fabric. Today we will talk about how to hand-make Ukrainian shirt. Ukrainian national shirt, it is desirable to sew from linen fabric. The bottom of the sleeves and the neckline to gather in the Assembly. After that sleeves should finish cuff and neck stand. Stand width in the cutting is approximately 4.5 - 5 cm, and its length is 0.4 - 0.5 m.Width of the cuff in the cutting the same width of the rack, and its length is 24 cm

Sleeve, front, front, cuffs and back cut out strictly according to the common thread of the material. Ukrainian embroidered shirt is after it is cut. The front part is decorated with national embroidery (in the middle of merezhka) and make it pjatnadtsatisantimetrovaja cut. At the bottom of the back and front is not only embroidery, but embroidered prosa. Making from the upper edge of the sleeve, the indentation at 14 cm, you should embroider the upper part of the sleeves. Cuffs and a front embroidered hemstitch on distance in two centimetres from the edge. Embroidery needs to keep pace with frayed half a centimeter.

Top cuff andstand is produced by inflection frayed along its length. The sides of the back and front bowed for 0.25 - 0.3 cm along the edge. In that case, if the edge is absent, a double-bend and sweep slices. Then they namachivajut on paper (one side from the other should be at a distance equal to 0.3 cm). All bent edges of the parts of the shirts are bonded to each other must connect the looped suture. In this case you must use the string red. Similarly, you should combine a shirt with sleeves, sides of sleeves and gusset.You must also leave at the bottom of the sleeves about 6 cm for the buckles. Making from the edge of the cut indent at 0.6 - 0.7 cm, collected in assembling the sleeve and the upper section of the t-shirts. Stitches are laid in three rows (the width of one row 0.5 - 0.6 cm) at a distance from each other in a 0.2 see

The drain Assembly should be collected on the length of the column in the form of small folds. The sleeves of the shirt Assembly runs along the length of the cuffs. Side of the rack, grind off, and then matiauda and sewed in the neck. Strut is inverted, the joints improves. As for trimming the edges, it is necessary to bend and hem half inch lower than the seam of the blind stitch stitches primaqiune (open). At one end stands need to sew a button, and another to run the air loop. The bottom of sleeves processed in exactly the same as the front.

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