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Under the crown in embroidery

Position your ethnicity at fashion shows has become a tradition in almost all European countries. A wedding destination is a real place, where it can roam imagination of any designer. Outfits of the bride and groom, with a subtle hint of national costume, gaining momentum.

The most colorful costume, which characterizes the freedom-loving nature and generosity of the Slavs, is Ukrainian. Wedding outfits in Ukrainian style is conventionally divided into two kinds: clothes, which reflects the national outfit for the wedding and classic white bridesmaid dress with decorations in Ukrainian style.

The most popular color combination is white and red. Outfit equivalent to combine those shades, but do not rule out the possibility and monochrome dresses, where the red color will act as decoration. Among brides of Ukraine, the most common option – a white dress with red inserts. It can be embroidery cross, embroidery, beading, trim colors of the fabrics. 

Creative brides will never give up as a wedding outfit to use a white shirt of natural linen or a Maxi skirt, which is vaguely similar to the Ukrainian plahtiy.

But the embroidery on all the fashion shows can clearly distinguish the representatives of Ukraine. Wedding dress in folk style without it a priori could not exist. Take the standard Ukrainian shirt, embroidered with her as geometrical ornaments and flowers. Technique – cross, surface, or using beads. In ornaments cross masters always laid special importance. For example, flowers in the form of female figures personify the Goddess of the hearth, grape vines symbolize strong family. Modern brides wear dresses with ornaments and give them a special value.For them it is just a beautiful outfit.

Wedding dress in national costume and has a specific silhouette. Long extended to the bottom of the skirt is suitable for almost all brides, even if there are "problems" with the curve of the foot. Lush gathered sleeves can hide plump arms, or Vice versa skinny. The upper part of the outfit the stylists and fashion designers are advised not to pile up too. Properly selected shape of the neckline on the type of Ukrainian shirts will allow you to accentuate the chest of the bride. And even if this part of the body the necessary volume, the output is pretty simple, along with embroidery as decoration use ruffles.

To get a full complete image of the Ukrainian bride should be concerned about accessories. Ukrainian dress, you can safely use the red belt and boots. With a veil or instead, surround the wreath of flowers. If fabric wreaths not like it, it's time to use a new fashion trend – small bouquets handmade from cold porcelain or polymer clay. The main advantage of such products – they are difficult to distinguish from the real thing. This floral ensemble will not crush and do not crumble.Well, if you successfully picked up the wreath and veil to the head decoration should be right to pick up and bouquet for the bride. These two songs should be combined and harmonized. A bridesmaid dress in the national style should not be at odds with the groom.

Around the Ukrainian wedding dresses have developed quite a positive reputation. Now for a special celebration they choose only girls of Ukraine, but also foreigners. The main reason why they still make such a choice lies in the identity and richness of traditional symbols.

National, aka the wedding dress of Ukrainians may have its own distinctive features, they depend on the region or region which is the birth of the bride and groom. Ethnographers, for example, I can find the differences between the attire of the bride from Bukovina and naddnepryanschiny.

In ancient times, brides in some regions of Ukraine was decorated with head wreaths were woven into them ribbons. The color of the ribbon is predominantly red. The more of them in the Bridal wreath Ukrainian bride, the richer her family. In the historical sources say that the heads of wealthy girls were literally speckled with colorful silk stripes. And the current trendsetters suspect that these same tapes and were the prototype for modern wedding veils.

Now in Vogue often uses the rule "an old trunk". Looking into the past, you can learn many interesting things in the clothes of our ancestors. Because Ukrainka and slow to introduce national motives in an outfit one of the most important events in your life.

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