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Dress the curly coquette

In Fig. 396 depicts a dress at the notched yoke. Collar, yoke and sleeves embellished stitching. Going for dresses from the headlands of the yoke are two deep folds, laid inside. Shawl collar, slit in the back. Sleeve long, extended downwards. 

Dress can be made of solid or printed fabric.

Construction drawing dress patterns dresses 

On the main drawing patterns it is necessary to make the following additions. 

From points A and C lay down to 17 cm, to mark points K and K1, and to connect them direct - get the yoke of the backrest (Fig. 397). 

The mill is back to expand to 15 cm (dotted line). 

From point B to drop down a vertical line at 17 cm, mark point B3. Line Г1В to the left from point G1 to postpone 7 cm and place the point of G3. Point B3 G3 and connect a straight line, which is to last for 4 cm and mark point G4. The point G4 to connect to the point B2 with a straight line - get a yoke before. 

Mill to expand to 25 cm (8 cm - in the crease).

To connect with a straight line points B1 and B3 - get the neckline of the front. 

 Sleeve. Drawing patterns of the main sleeve to expand at the bottom 3 cm on each side, otherwise all the digital designation is constant for all sizes (see Fig. 390). 

 Collar. Drawing a pattern of the collar is given with a numeric notation in Fig. 398.

Cutting and tailoring dress 

To lay out the pattern on the fabric. If the fabric is patterned, to follow the direction of the figure. Obscurity, to allow for seams and cut out. Mark the centers of the details and contours of the patterns. Sew down the yoke lining. Wrap the lining inside, prometall and smooth. To assemble the mill back into two threads. Tack to the yoke. To stitch the silk threads with a seam width of 1 cm.

The yoke of the front handle in the same way as the yoke of the back. By going forehand to lay two folds, to prometti them to the bottom. The remaining fabric to assemble into two lines, to connect with the yoke. Since the yoke is connected with the neck, not zastraivaya her to try on the dress to check the neck. The yoke to stitch.

Collar to cut back the two halves to be joined with the lining, baste and stitch. Turn out and top stitch silk. To connect the two halves of the collar and sew a hidden seam at 1.5 cm down (from a point 3 cm in the drawing). Chopping the centers of the collar and the neck at the back and the shelf. Try placing a strip of cloth. To stitch and to sew a hidden seam on the inside. 

Sleeve hem on a machine, collect the crown, metati and sew. Remove the basting from the folds to hem the bottom of the dress.

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