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Dress with collar

In Fig. 371 depicts a summer dress with short sleeve and square neck. 

Dress is sewed of a light fabric of any variety and colors. The only finishing is stitching on the edge of a notched yoke and sleeves. Front going dresses are two deep counter-pleats, back gathers. The neckline of the dress covered podkralas bake a hidden seam. The yoke of the front can be done semi-circular - on request. 

Construction drawing dress patterns dresses 

On the main drawing patterns dresses make the following additional changes (Fig. 372).

 Flirty backless. From points A and C lay down to 17 cm, to mark points K and K1, and to connect them direct. Mill seatback to expand by 20 cm (see the dotted line in the drawing back). 

 The neckline backless. From a point P1 on the shoulder to defer to the right 3 cm and place the point P2. From point P2 delay down to 4 cm, to designate a point P3 from which the left draw a straight line to the intersection with the line AG. 

 Yoke front. From the point G1 to the left armhole to postpone 7 cm and place the point of K2. From a point In defer up to 10 cm and place the point K3, then the points G1, K2 and K3 connect the straight lines. Mill front extendable 30 cm, because at the yoke at the point K2 is a deep inverted pleat.

 The neckline of the front. From the point B1 to the left on the shoulder to defer 3 cm and mark point B3. From a point B2 down to postpone the 11 cm mark the point B4. From the point B4 to the left to postpone the cut in 5 cm, to put the point B5, which connect with the point B3 with a straight line. 

 Sleeve (Fig. 373). On the main drawing of the pattern sleeve from the points P1 and P2 lay down to 7 cm and from point P down - 9 cm and connect slightly curved line.

Cutting and tailoring dress 

On the fabric folded in half to superimpose the pattern. Obscurity and allow for seams. If the yoke is sewn to the lining, just cut out the lining and Podkayne obtachku neck. To connect the yoke with the lining, stitch. Wrap in so that the main fabric yoke moved inwards by 1 cm, to make amends.

To assemble the mill back into 2 lines (the distance between them is 0.5 cm). To connect with Basque stitch silk at a distance of 1 cm from the edge. To pristroit obtachku neck, capturing the top and the lining yoke. Cut corners, turn and straighten, then prometti and smooth. 

The bottom of the yoke and the neckline of the front handle in the same way as back.

By going forehand to lay inverted pleats (each with a depth of 4 cm), calculate the distance between them across the width of the Cape coquette (crease should be at the corners of the Cape yoke), collect the mill on two lines, tack the yoke to pristroit, Join shoulder seams (neck to shoulder), and piping, stitch, fold the facing inside, and attach it to the yoke, and a hidden seam. Sew side seams from armhole to hem.

Sleeve stitch reverse seam (short sleeve reverse seam sewn and the long - simple). Hem bottom of the sleeves and a strip of fabric cross or rolled fabric sleeves (in this case, when cutting the sleeves should to the bottom to make it increase 3 cm), baste and stitch with silk. The width of the seam at the yoke and sleeve should be the same. To make a landing on the crown sleeve. To votati sleeve into armhole and sew. 

Neaten the common seam open cut parts. To a buttonhole the edge of the best slices of soft thread - embroidery floss, darning, matching fabric dresses. Pull out the basting. Smooth dress.

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