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Dress with collar scarf

In Fig. 44 shows dress with collar scarf. This dress can be sewed as solid and heathered fabrics of any quality. The sleeve may be optionally long or short. Yoke - by mysik. Neck in the shape of the Cape, from both sides it is cut in two loops, in which priderjivaetsya the ends of a kerchief or scarf, the replacement collar. If the dress is made of colourful fabric - the scarf must be smooth, to match the background of the dress, if dress is sewn from smooth fabric - scarf colorful. Instead of scarves in the loops can be preteroti small handkerchief - get a bow.

Construction drawing dress patterns dresses 

On the main drawing patterns dresses need to make the following changes (Fig. 366). To construct the yoke of the back from the point With a down delay of 16 cm, to put the point K. the Point K to connect with the point G. 

To build the mill back from the point To the left to hold the dotted line, which extend over the line of an 15 see on the bottom line from the point N to the left to defer 15 cm and both lines are connected with a dotted line. 

 The Basque shelf dresses. Points B2 and G1 connect a straight line - get a Flirty shelves. 

 The neckline of the front. From a point B2 down put the 12 cm, to put the point B3, which is connected to point B1 with a straight line.

 The mill forehand. From point B2 to hold the right to direct the dotted line, which extend over the line А1Н1 15 cm bottom line from the point N1 to postpone 15 cm and both points are connected with a dotted line - get the extension for Assembly of the mill.

 Sleeve. The sleeve can be long or short. The drawing of the pattern the long sleeves, you should use the basic drawing of the pattern sleeves without changes, and for short - changing the sleeve length as desired, in this example 25 cm (Fig. 367; dotted line). That the sleeve does not SAG at the seam line do a cleanup of 2 cm.

Cutting and tailoring dress 

Cutting and tailoring of the dress is the same as the previous. On the edge of the neck to prometti, otherwise during subsequent processing and wear oblique cut of the neck can stretch out. The neck of the dress to handle podkralas the facing. Loop to pull the scarves are made obraznymi length of 3 cm each, with distance between them of 2 cm. 

Flirty shelves and the back is sewn a wide scar (1 cm). Sleeve and hem are hemmed the seam by hand.

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