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Dress without collar, an embroidered national ornament

In Fig. 388 presents a dress without a collar, with embroidery at neckline, yoke, sleeves and bottom mill the narrow national ornament. Embroidery is done with thread of one color, on white background - black, blue, brown, and dark background of the dress is white. 

Front shaped yoke and the center of the camp, raised to 4 - 5 cm up forms the insert. Behind the back straight. The sleeve can be both long and short. The angle of the front yoke may optionally be rounded (see contour line in Fig. 389). 

Construction drawing dress patterns dresses 

On the main drawing patterns dresses must be applied to the following design lines (Fig. 389). 

 Back of the dress. From the point A to drop down a vertical line at 17 cm and mark the point K. From the point C down to postpone 17 cm, to put the point K1. Points K and K1 to connect the direct - get the yoke back. Mill backless dress to expand to 17 cm (dotted line). 

 Front of dress. The yoke of the front must be constructed so: from point B down to postpone 22 cm, mark the point K2. From point E1 to defer down 22 cm, to put the point K3. To connect the point with the point K3 K2 a straight line. For the formation of corner coquette point K2 to the left to postpone 2 cm and put an end K4. Points B1, K4 and K3 connect the straight lines. The construction of the mill the front shown in digital notation.

 Sleeve. The drawing of the pattern sleeves have to build according to the drawing the main pattern of the sleeve, extending it down to 3 cm on each side (Fig. 390). The sleeve may be short.

Cutting and tailoring dress 

To lay out the pattern on doubled folded the fabric, adding to the seams, then cut out. Outline the centers of the parts to sew the shoulders, sleeves, and sew mill. (Embroidery can be done and stitching details but the connection details have to match the edges of the embroidery.) 

Mill back to collect on two lines, then put it between the yoke and lining (yoke folded with a mill face), baste, then sew. Install the yoke and lining, prometti on the bottom, and make it up.

Both halves of the yoke of the front, as well as the yoke of the back, to connect with the mill, pre-assembled on two lines. Free remains only the part of the camp that goes in the box. The insert edge is stitched hidden seam or is double what the top, across the width of the insert, it is necessary to sew a piece of cloth, wrap it inside prometti, to make amends.

The neck yoke backless processing podkralas the binder, and the neck of the front - straight strip of fabric (to grab at the same time and the lining for durability). Chipped shoulders at the junction of the shoulder with the binder, baste, then sew. Wrapped inside a binder and filed on the hands. 

Sleeve to sweep, to sew, to make a landing on the crown. Bottom sleeve hem on the hands of a hidden seam as the bottom of the mill dresses.

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