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Fancy dress collar

Dress shown in Fig. 41, is distinguished by its original clasp and the shape of the yoke shelves. 

The right side of the front yoke and become covers half tselnokrajnie the left side and ends with a deep crease. This kind of dress can weave plain fabric of any quality, but may be combined, for example, the yoke and cuffs of sleeves are made of crepe-satin on matte side, and the mill - khanatlas. Finish - a big button and several rows of stitching at the neckline, yoke and cuffs of sleeves. 

Construction drawing dress patterns dresses 

 Flirty backless. From points A and C to defer down to 16 cm, to mark points K and K1, then connecting them by a straight line (Fig. 369).

 Mill back. From the points K and N hold left straight 15 cm and connect the end points dotted line - get a raise at the Assembly. On the side mill cut can be rascaeti 5 - 6 cm (back and front same). Neck backless extended to 1 see 

 the Right half of the front (yoke). From a point In line ВГ1 to defer a straight line, continuing it beyond the point G1 10 cm, and put the point G2.

Bottom line from the point N1 to defer 10 cm, mark the point N3. Points G2 and H3 to connect direct. From the points G2 and N3 make an expansion for Assembly and folds - 35 cm, denoting this increase by a dotted line. 

 The neckline of the front. From a point B1 at the shoulder down to postpone 1 cm and connect this point with the point G2 - will receive a neck of the right half of the dress. 

 The left half of the frontOn the left half of the drawing pattern of the front of the dress from the point B1 on the shoulder to postpone 1 cm (Fig. 370), and from the point B2 down 2 cm, then connecting these points a straight line, extending it down to 4 cm.

From the point G1 to the right to postpone 6 cm and connecting a point 4 cm from a point 6 cm straight line, then from a point 6 cm to drop straight to the bottom - line Н1Н2 - get the left half (or side) of the front of the dress. 

 Sleeve. Drawing patterns the sleeves are shown in a digital notation in Fig. 364

Cutting and tailoring dress 

If the dress is sewn from colorful fabric, lay the pattern on the fabric to take into account the direction of the figure. Objectiv chalk details, to make a seam. Outline the centers of the parts. Before doing the stitching must be on the left side of the fabric (especially on oblique slices) to enclose, Primeau, an equity strip of thin dense material (e.g., madapolam). This will prevent the fabric from stretching. Connect the top of the yoke with lining and smetov, to stitch the yoke of the back hem, and Rostock, and the yoke of the front - line and bottom bevel of the neck, then to twist, straighten and smooth.

To assemble the mill back into two thread, tack to the yoke and to pristroit.

The yoke of the front is also compatible with the mill, but, gathering a mill, it is necessary to leave 5 cm at the front line of the seam in the crease (the yoke of the front not to scribble to the fact until you have sewn the shoulder seams). Under the oblique cut of the neck on the left side of the dress is either to put a strip of madapolam and trim - straight strip of the dress fabric with a width of 7 cm to Stitch along the edge (from point 1 cm to the shoulder line to a point 6 cm), wrapped inside out, tuck 0.5 cm and tack. Baste and stitch shoulder seams.Not joining the side seams and front seam, to defer the yoke of the front and neckline of the dress, lay the line as shown in cut (Fig. 41), and then sew the sides and front seam, providing a pleat depth of 5 cm the Fold. on the inside, lightly secure until about the middle of its length, to revealing, it does not interfere with walking. Dress fastens with buttons, sewn on the line 4 cm and 6 cm (see Fig. 370) and the line Б2Г2 (Fig. 369).

Stitch sleeve, bottom sleeves also put a strip of madapolam, then trim and decorate the place. 

Sleeve to collect on the crown, votati in armhole. Votives and sewn sleeve the sleeve. The bottom of the dress to hem in the hands of a hidden seam.

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