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Single cut shoulder dress with wedges

Dress with a single cut shoulder wedges are sewn from solid fabrics (Fig. 383). Due to the embroidery it looks very elegant. Yoke back and front moves into wedges. At the seams of the wedges laid folds that attracivte along yoke seam 1 cm wide, the length of the weld on the wedge - 20 - 25 cm Bottom gussets, collar and sleeves are embroidered with national patterns of colorful threads, soft tones. Well it will look like and the embroidery done in matching fabric of dress. If national ornament, cannot be used, you can embroider applique, or shadow embroidery. Collar turn-down.Sleeve - straight, slightly widened downwards. The neckline of the front can be done toe - in Fig. 384 is shown with a dotted line.

Construction drawing dress patterns dresses 

In the drawing the main pattern of the dress and sleeves necessary to make the following changes. 

 The yoke and wedge backless dress (Fig. 384). From the point C down to postpone 16 cm and mark the point To which the left straight to postpone 11 cm and put an end K1. From point N at the hem to defer to the right 14 cm and place the point of H3 (the bottom of the dress expanding wedge 6 cm). Points K1 and D3 to connect a straight line - get the yoke and wedge of the back. Then the wedge should extend the cut for the pleats 4 cm (dotted line). Line podraza gain on the yoke to keep 2 cm.

 The yoke and wedge the front. From point B2 to the right, draw a horizontal line in 12 cm and place the point of K2. Bottom line from the point N1 to the left to defer 15 cm, denote the point H4, then connect direct point K2 and H4 - get a yoke and wedge the front. In the same way as on the back, add to the wedge 4 cm (in the crease) and to do the undercut increases in the crease. 

 The neckline of the front of the dress. From a point B2 down to postpone 9 cm and put the point B3 to construct the left 2 cm, draw a line and put a point B4, which is connected to point B1 with a straight line.

 Lateral wedges mill the back and front (Fig. 385). Back from points down to postpone 16 cm and mark the point K. From point K to hold the left horizontal line at 11 cm and put an end K1. Bottom line from the point H2 to the left to defer 20 cm and mark the point N3. Points K1 and H3 to connect the direct - get oblique cut mill back; to expand it to 15 cm (dotted line). The line forehand from the point B2 to the right to defer 12 cm and mark the point K2. Bottom line from the point D2 to the right to defer 26 cm and mark the point H4. Point K2 and H4 connect direct. To expand the mill at the front 16 cm for folds along the seam of the wedge assemblies on the yoke.

 Sleeve. The drawing of the pattern sleeve to do on the main drawing, only bottom line to expand by 2 cm on each side (Fig. 386).

 Collar. Drawing a pattern of the collar in Fig. 387 displayed in digital notation.

Cutting and tailoring dress 

Yoke back and front to put on the fold of the fabric. Obscurity the pattern, adding to the seams. To carve out the time. Outline the centers of the parts. To prometti thread on the contour of the pattern. To embroider the sleeves and bottom wedges. Collar embroidered after the verification of his neck, do this after stitching the shoulders need to shear centres of Rostock and back collar and metati from the centre down the neck.

The collar should be cut after you have sewn the shoulders and cut the neck, otherwise it can be small. Connecting the collar with the lining, it is necessary the top is a bit "restart", i.e. to make wider than the lining so that the lining was not visible.

Coquette backrest folded on the front side with a lining, sew up to the beginning of the wedge and turn. To prometti. Smooth. (Should be carefully monitored, and in order to seize the wedge, then the yoke will not turn). Baste and stitch wedge yoke and the finished part of the mill backs. Folded and sweep her up to half the length of the mill. The remaining loose fabric on the top of the mill to collect on two lines and tack it to the yoke. To stitch the yoke and wedge silk threads with a seam width of up to 1 cm. On the lower wedge line at 20 to 25 cm down as shown in Fig. 383, securing the end of seam on the arms.

The neck in her oblique cut slightly propositi gathers strong thread close to the edge. Then attach the collar and bias strip of cloth, nametag her all over the neck, to stitch, to turn inside, to bend 0.5 cm, again baste and hem in the hands of a hidden seam. 

Sleeve votati, proposedin lightly on the crown, to stitch. If need be - to clean up the sides of the dress. Bottom hemming at the hands of a hidden seam.

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