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Uzbek national women's clothing

Uzbek national dress consists of a dress and vest. Due to the strict dress beauty lines always looks very elegant. 

Typical style of dress - Flirty and direct the cloth mill (the bottom) to make it suitable for women of any body type, height and age. In addition, the straight cut of the cloth mill retain full pattern of the fabric that makes the dress elegant. 

Uzbek women's dress you can vary the shape of the sleeves, yoke and collars, retaining, however, their primary national profile. 

In this Chapter given a few styles dresses with regard to their suitability for all seasons and purposes - for work, home, walking, theatre. Given a few new styles dress, kimono dress with pleats replacing the yoke.

In addition, when sewing dresses can be widely used in the decoration of lace, ribbons, bake, pleaserobme. Especially should be used to trim dresses national ornament. I must say that the embroidery Uzbek dresses as a little common, but if occurs, it most often patterns have nothing to do with national motifs. How dressy would look dress, repeating at the bottom of the mill, the yoke and sleeves pattern of embroidery and other patterns, simple in design, but unique and elegant in nature. 

The dresses presented in this Chapter can be made of different fabrics, from velvet to cotton. 

Appointment each dress and the fabric, which is highly recommended for its tailoring, it is indicated in the explanation of styles - but we must remember that it is not necessary to sew the dress out of the fabric, which is recommended by the author. Dresses, which are made of motley fabrics, you need to do regardless of the variegated varieties of fabrics, and dyed with the smooth. So, printed crepe de Chine can be replaced by variegated staple and Vice versa. You should not dress in a heathered fabric to overload trim - frills, colorful bié, embroidery - this finish will not be noticeable on the fabric and will not interfere with the overall impression.To furnish the variegated dresses need to use a plain fabric, choosing it to match the background fabric of the dress, or if you trim a bit (for example, fringing, buttons),- in the tone of bright print fabric dresses.

When choosing fabrics it is necessary to strictly consider the purpose of dresses, suitable for the season and compliance of the tissue to the selected style. So, dresses for work in the workplace needs to be closed, is made of thick fabric with pale shades (cotton, satin), home and streets: summer - light, colourful fabric (staple, Maya, chiffon), sew their should with open collar and short sleeves. For theatre, guests and other solemn occasions used fabrics such as pan-velvet, Khan-Atlas, all kinds of silk crepe, silk chiffon, nylon.

If the dress is vest, take a dense monochromatic fabric, mostly dark colors, black, blue, purple, cherry, brown etc. the quality of the fabric depends on the purpose of the vest to a simple vest dresses, sewn of corduroy, eraser and other plain heavy fabrics, and the dresses designed for special occasions, is made of velvet, cloth, plush, dense coat. The vest can be decorated with embroidery, piping, buttons. 

To develop styles dresses the author of this section used basic drawing dresses and sleeves V. A. Poltava.

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