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Youth fancy dress

Dress shown in Fig. 374 intended for special occasions: prom, wedding, etc., so the fabric must be light, light colors: white, pink, blue. Finish on a bow, proderty two obecnie loop on the left shoulder and piping on edge of yoke (if the dress is made of matte fabric - finishing can be made of shiny silk or crepe-satin on the shiny side, if the fabric of the dress is brilliant - finish can be made of the same fabric, but a darker tone).Well it will look like a dress, made of natural crepe-satin, or Khan-satin in bright colors. In this case the finishing (edging) to be done from a bright fabric. Bow is one to do should not, in motley dress fabric it will not be noticeable.

The neckline of the dress is round, the yoke is only on the center of the mill - the back and front of the dress and how it repeats the line of the neck. 

Sleeve - short, direct.

Construction drawing dress patterns dresses 

On the main drawing patterns dresses should be applied the following lines (Fig. 375). 

 The yoke is undercut back and side of dress. From point A to defer down 14 cm and supply point To which the right to the armhole of the backrest to postpone construction line at 11 cm and mark a point K1. Then point To down to postpone 3 cm and mark the point K2, which is connected to point K1 smooth curve - get relief-the yoke.

Bottom line from the point N to the right to postpone 6 cm, denote the point H3, then connect this point with the point K1 a straight line - get zakochany 6 cm cut of the mill dresses. 

From the point D2 to the right to defer 5 cm and mark the point H4 and connect a straight line with a point in G2 - will receive slightly flared side of the mill dress.

 The yoke is undercut and the side of the front of the dress. From point B down to postpone 16 cm and put an end K3. From the point K3 to the left armhole to postpone the auxiliary line 12 cm, denote the point K4. Then point K3 delay down to 3 cm and mark the point K5, which is connected to point C4 by a smooth curve. From the point H1 to the left to defer 8 cm, denote the point H5 and connect it with the point K4 will get a cut of the front.

Side mill shelves should also rascaeti 5 cm for this from the point H2 to the left to defer 5 cm, to put the point h6, which is connected to point D2 with a straight line.

Side wedges at points H4 and h6 come one after another so they in the drawing as dashed auxiliary lines. 

 Wedges back and front. From point A down to postpone 14 cm, mark point K. From point K to defer the right to the armhole 11 cm and mark a point K1 (Fig. 376).

On the bottom line from the point N to the right to defer 17 cm, to put the point N3. Connecting the point D3 point K1 - get a bevel cut insert. Expand this box for 8 cm (dotted line). 

On the shelf dress from point B to defer down 17 cm, denote the point K3, which is left to the armhole draw a straight line at 12 cm and mark the point K4. From the point N1 on the bottom line to delay the left 18 cm, to put the point H4. Connecting point N4 with the point K4 by straight line. Expanding wedge insert for 10 cm (the drawing shows a dotted line). 

 Neckline backless dress. From the point R1 at the shoulder line (Fig. 375) to postpone 4 cm, to put the point P2. From point A down to postpone 4 cm and mark point P3. Points P2 and P3 to connect with a smooth curve. 

 The neckline of the front of the dress. From point B1 on the shoulder to defer 4 cm, mark point B3, then connect a smooth curve with the point B2. 

The neck of the dress in the drawing of the pattern is given a smaller size than the picture style. The neck can be increased during the fitting. Place to fix the hinge fitting, it is necessary that the hinges are not moved away from the neck more than 3 to 4 cm; the distance between the loops is 2 cm.

 Sleeve. If the dress is sewed with short simple sleeve, the main drawing patterns sleeves should be noted the length (in this example, the 21 cm), clean up the sleeve hem by 1 cm (Fig. 377).

If the dress is sewn sleeve "flashlight", then the easiest way of constructing the following: a pattern of basic sleeve to shorten to the desired length (in our example 21 cm), then cut it in half. To hold an arbitrary horizontal line and a vertical center cross it. Then both sides of the vertical line to defer the amount of centimeters that expandable sleeve (which is 14 cm). To mark the extension points and attach them to the right and left halves of the main sleeve pattern. That the crown has not lost its oval shape it is necessary to slightly rounded (Fig. 378;shown by the dotted line). The bottom of the sleeves to arrange the same as shown in the drawing. In Fig. 379 shown Podkayne bakey to the undercut at the back and the shelf mill.

Width cuff sleeve "flashlight" - 3 cm, length - 33 cm Cuff doubled.

Cutting and tailoring dress 

Lay the pattern on the fabric, obscurity, adding to the seams. To carve out the time. Before we will open cuff, it is necessary to check their hand width. To identify the centers of parts and lines of stitches. To handle the undercuts at the back and the shelf, in the corners of the undercut (at the points K1 and K4) to make a small (less than 0.5 cm) of crosscuts, to tuck inside a fabric podraza, take Podkayne bake (dual), folded face to face, to stitch, to twist. To prometti and smooth. To attach to the undercut mill, pin pins and baste.

Wedges back and the front to collect on two lines, to level the Assembly and tack them to the edge of podraza yoke, pristroit silk. Thus from prostrachivajut and bié and wedge. Then baste and sew the side sections of the wedges and mill. Podkralas a facing to hem the neckline back and front. Chop off the neckline of the back with the neck of the front at the seam that connects the neck with a facing. Sweep shoulders and facing, stitch them with one seam, then wrap the facing to the inside and tack. Baste and stitch the sides of the dress.

Sew sleeve reverse seam, hem the bottom cross strip of fabric dresses that tuck inside 1.5 cm and sew a hidden seam. Then, gathering slightly at the crown, sweep and sew into armhole. 

Sleeve "flashlight" is treated so: to sew a sleeve on the bottom to collect the string. Sew the cuff, then folded cuffs and sleeve face (the sleeve should be inside the cuff), baste and stitch. Bend the cuff, fold inside and sew on hand. To oblachat loop on the left shoulder of the dress. Hemming dress down a hidden seam.

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