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Home » Articles » According to the laws of beauty

Fashion is the lawgiver of beauty


At the FIFTEENTH Congress was expected to adopt a resolution that sounded something like this: "to subject every bichevaya and Scorpions such clerks of shops, officials of various institutions, etc. who are careless about visitors, especially to the badly dressed". In the Commission, this portion of the resolution was complete, but Congress made against it is one of the most typical and indigenous workers - members of our party, all of us deeply respected comrade. Ugarov. He stated that in the resolution in this form is not necessary.He said, "Does Congress not know that the workers dress up nowadays often very well, as well as their wives and their children? We have outgrown the time when ragged clothes served as a kind of uniform for the proletariat. On the other hand, it is impossible to give the privilege for the poor clothes. Then many Nepmen will soon be walking in ragged caps and holey pants specifically to our clerks and officials in front of us saluted".And, despite the fact that representatives of the Commission recalled the adoption of this provision by a majority of votes, Congress, with General good-natured laughter, rejected torn dress as a sign of belonging to the class of the dictator.
This little episode has its instructive side.
Of course, a big problem that we all can still decently clothed, and, of course, very often with the drunkard and the riff-raff near bizarre type nepman in ragged cap, among the very poorly dressed people come across the most respected citizens of our rural and urban population. Poor clothes are not for one moment may not in our socialist Republic to give rise to the arrogant gaze and disrespectful treatment.Although Congress struck the provision on a special respect for the poor clothes, nevertheless I'm sure that the salesmen and the officials who allow themselves any trick or inattention towards such citizens, despite the clause tov. Ugarov, very much nagori.
However, our goal is to raise the cultural level of the proletariat and the peasantry; and this culture includes, of course, clean, neat and decent clothing. If the proletarian or proletarian, Komsomol, or young Communist, instead of to guzzle money in the pub or lose their cards, buy decent clothing, it is certainly a positive fact. We sometimes fear that this clothing can acquire elegant or Flirty and I think it is a big crime. It was said to be the case petty-bourgeois or, even worse, the bourgeois (so they say, when it comes to especially fantastic attire).However, actually in the well-known elegance and coquetry there is nothing wrong for the proletariat. People are different and they have different tastes. For example, in my opinion, Smoking is the greatest stuff, but this does not mean that I is forbidden to smoke or despised smokers.
To have an attractive appearance - a good thing, of course. Bad if behind the attractive exterior hides a void or even any lousy essence, but still a nice appearance and therefore called pleasant that it is pleasant to look. Good to see youth, beauty. Suppose in fact that all of our proletarian youth would be snub-nosed or noseless, half-blind, hunchbacked, limping, baggy, weak, pale etcD., but still the same and would wear a solid sackcloth or at least in such a dress in which there was no joy, no elegance, and so, just taken out of the store ready dress - medium pants, skirts, shoes, etc. What would be good? This could be, at least, to come to terms with the transitory evil, to say that we now work, learn, we have no time now to think about how to avoid under the nails of mud, so we combed his tousled little head, and thought about what we better.
Of course, every day our economic prosperity will improve flat work, his food, his pastime, of course, and clothing. Elderly people and old will dress modestly but comfortable and clean, and the young people the very nature of them tells a little play with costumes, and try to emphasize their good looks, strength, grace. 
In this other say: "But let that clothing has a direct relationship to the floor and leads to corruption of morals", etc.
Ah, dear fellow puritans, grant these words, from the mouth of someone they first emanated, i.e., priests. That's what bad and disgusting is when a dirty guy to the right and to the left sends its "nauchnoprakticheskii needs" with dirty girls, whom he does not love, does not respect the details of the novel with which he tells the giggling jokes like him, dishonest nihilists.It is not that gloomy brow knitting, to condemn all pleasures of life including one of the largest, according to Engels and Lenin, namely, the joy of love to a creature of the other sex. Case, perhaps, is now to raise these feelings, as soon as possible, to a height of unprecedented elegance and sophistication. This was also written by none other than the purest man in the world - Lenin. With love he repeated the words of Engels that refined love, i.e. one that is accompanied by a music of feelings, tenderness, love, trust, joy is a great achievement culture.And imagine - some picturesque and the curl right shoes at the girl, some sort of nice tie guy can give their note of joy of grace in a young romance that must finally knock out our everyday life is bad, animal lust and promiscuity.
Please laugh at the empty girl who powders her face and paints her lips, which all his pride put to the falsification of their own, sometimes not even pretty, face, please podtrunivali over the guy who half an hour chooses braces in the store, blue for him to wear or pink.But those of proletarians or even our citizens who shared our way of life has already given sufficient income, which can already raise external culture is his life, unhindered, let them dress up well, as good as tells them their aesthetic sense and as valid in their budget. Of course, the art of dressing can not hold a particularly big place either absolutely or relatively; but it still must represent quite a marked graph.

As you can see, Lunacharsky did not exaggerate and do not underestimate the role of costume in the life of the Soviet man, gave him credit, called to study culture in General and clothes in particular.

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