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Home » Articles » According to the laws of beauty

Fashion is the lawgiver of beauty

The FORMATION of a NEW STYLE (part 3)

About the same is the case with the jackets of suits. The jacket is long in fashion, the short, single-breasted, double-breasted. Which one is better, hard to say, probably better in summer, single-breasted and double-breasted in the winter. And take lady's kimono? It useful or beautiful? Of course, neither one nor the other. Case in quirks fashion. I want to quote one old saying: "a Person meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind". Very correct saying. Will not deny. As Susan don't dress, he will still always be zaslonom.
In recent years, become very great attention to the sports mind of man as more beautiful, elegant. Well, someone is coming, so it's not bad. But not in all cases one pattern is needed. We must remember that people do not the pattern made and the pieces did not all sport and good sport suit, say, at the stadium, at the sports club, in the campaign. But imagine a man already middle-aged, Yes, absolutely with received outline figures and nataluussha itself sweatpants and look disgusting, but it sometimes becomes uncomfortable.But in this form it is quite often possible to meet people in the city, and even women, who have forgotten about the fact that they are well beyond 30 years and their shape is already very pumped up. But it is fashionable, so we have to think beautiful.
... I know a lot of good people and young and middle-aged. Both women and men, which is quite laudable, but they somehow just less likely and pay attention to the mod. They are engaged in more serious cases and more interesting life issues and the fashion for men especially - it's just not serious." 
What can we say comrade from Vologda?
What is possible and what is impossible to accept? Recognizing the progress in fashion, comrade. Sidorov, however, mistaken in that the designers sometimes change the comfortable fit and beautiful clothes for a less comfortable fit and less nice clothes "only because of fashion". This, of course, wrong. None of the creators of fashion for its own sake does not create new samples. They are born not only and not so much the result of the intent of the artist. Here is a complex creative process and research, when we study the modern requirements of clothing, tastes mainstream, industry capabilities, etc.
As for the vest, it is true, as the author says, it "shaking mode". But it is necessary to compare the vest of the last with four leaves (pockets), which were convenient for merchants and Nepmen, hvastovichi its a gold watch with a gold chain half a meter in length, with a contemporary vest is concise detail, comfortable, suitable for the whole appearance of the modern men to see the need to "shake" this part of our toilet. The jacket was a must, and it is like re - "invented".
We share the anger, comrade. Sidorov about the bizarre clownish bell bottom pants with buttons, tabs, wedges, bright colors, etc. But does not share his assertion that "now designers again took to the pages of magazines". 
Nothing like the Soviet designers never created. These pants - the fruit of imagination of some foolish youths, who want to be more fashionable fashion, but find themselves in a ridiculous situation. By the way, comrade. Sidorov writes below: "Some dudes trying to convince them that it is beautiful." So, after all, dandies, not the designers. Artists, therefore, are not to blame.
Welcoming the sport style clothes, the author rightly condemns those who inappropriately, without taking into account the age, situation and their data uses this elegant and comfortable form of clothing. However, the conclusion he does: "That's what leads fashion". But not really fashion leads to such phenomena and the people that distort the interpretation and the aesthetic demands of fashion.
Finally, the letter tov. Sidorov comes to people engaged in "more serious cases and more interesting life issues," and concludes that "the fashion for men especially - it's just not serious." Here we allow ourselves to refer to such unquestionable authority, as A. S. Pushkin and bring in the remarkable line: 

being a sensible person 
And think about beauty nails: 
what is fruitless to argue with age? 
Custom is despot among men. 

Now let's understand how and why change of fashion and as necessary and justified.
Change of fashion is looking for a new, more beautiful, is the desire for variety of tastes. That's why only in the last ten years the shape, silhouette and overall artistic style of clothing have undergone significant changes. For example, in a man's suit disappeared monotonous styles-twins, characteristic masculinist, exaggerated lines, prosthetic Grenadier shoulders, which shortened and wholsale the man's neck and paralyzed his movements. In women's clothes, instead of the limited silhouette forms and styles, there is a variety of lines, variety of styles, plenty of colors.Design clothes now reached more advanced methods. In modern modeling made a lot of sound elements that enhance the overall artistic value of clothing.
The mistaken belief of those who believe that all the changes of fashion was limited only to the fact that instead of double-breasted suits or coats single breasted prevail now; instead of a fastener on one button, fashion buckle to a different number; is that the pants are sewn without cuffs, and the coat became shorter, the skirt and dress too, etc. Not, in new look of modern fashion laid a more serious sense, based on social and aesthetic principles.Developing other forms of clothing, it eliminates the stereotyped, impersonal, seeks to create a diversity of individuals, respecting the unity of the external appearance of the Soviet man. Its characteristic is femininity in women's clothing, masculinity in the male as well as practicality, modesty.
The main silhouette of a modern man's suit is his conformity to natural proportions of the human figure, the softness of the lines, reducing the overall silhouette of the volume, the emphasizing. 
As with all types of applied art, clothing now dominate: simplicity of composition, perfectly combined with beauty, implying it; conciseness, eliminating any excess and negramotnosti details.
More recently, both female and male toilets was restricted to a suit and coat usual routine of cut, which sometimes was used for work and for home, and for the theatre and the streets, and at all times of the year. The growth of the material level and aesthetic needs of the Soviet people was the impetus for the creation of new forms of clothing, labor-saving, relaxing, improving life.Our designers, considering these requests, created and implemented a series of different design models jackets sports and domestic character, short coat, coats, ensembles for work, leisure, walks, home and other needs. This was facilitated by the emergence of new domestic fabrics - light, if need waterproof, various structures and colors. Thus, the wardrobe of the Soviet man, which was formerly dominated by traditional costume, filled with clothes the new style.
Speaking of the style of modern fashion. More recently, the concept of style incorrectly mixed up with the concept of fashionistas. As already mentioned, a young person or a middle-aged man getting dressed in the style of modern fashion, often easily hang a nasty label of "fashionista". Therefore, even many proponents of modern style evaded his fashion principles, rational and aesthetic merits only because he was afraid that offensive label. But both concepts are completely different, talking about different things. For this reason is well expressed Moscow art critic, D. Kaden.
"Dudes call people empty inside, bringing benefits to society: they blindly worship everything foreign, thinking that only people in "cutting-edge" suit worthy of respect. Crossing boundaries is reasonable, hipsters fashion exaggerate and boast excessively tight trousers or devastatingly bright shirt so the word "fashionista" is widely came into use and became one of the synonyms of emptiness and stupidity. Well, the word "style"? There is nothing offensive, it expresses a very serious concept.Style is the relation of art to its time, one artistic in nature, typical of art of this period. With style not only do not need to fight, you need to create, and this very much I think the artists who do many things".
Fashion for all ages, and women are more alive and actively respond to innovative proposals. But some of them, blindly, irresistibly and blindly following it, forget their individual traits. It can be traced, in particular, the examples of mini-skirts, revealing to the limit of the knees of women. The author of this "risky" model was an Englishwoman Mary Quant. In many countries, this innovation met with hostility; it was not without harsh criticism of the press.And the French airline air France even banned passengers wearing mini skirts, to fly its planes to Madagascar, because there they can be subjected to during this 10-day imprisonment.
And still the fashion for mini-skirts irresistibly win the sympathy. In hot August days when they had been so spirited ridicule and harassment, on the podium of the International festival of fashion (1967) about a thousand companies from 24 countries exhibited at the fine models that is mini skirts and dresses. Among them was and seemed the model of France, where "mini" was literally traceroutes. Only the famous Parisian firm "Chanel" chose to show the female dress of moderate length.
But let's be honest. Not in length business, and how women from wearing mini. As sometimes happens, the people who show unwavering obedience to fashion, strictly following every impulse, forget about the aesthetic norms of their own physical drawbacks and therefore fall into the "trap". Quite often you can see girls and women toilet which causes passers-by bewilderment or Irony. Of course, fashion - a sample. But it is impossible to consider it the undisputed benchmark. So a mini skirt can wear a young, slim, not necessarily tall girl whose legs have a nice shape. If violated at least one of these requirements, women look ridiculous. Come, they begin to complain about the "whims" of fashion. But it was not the fault of fashion, and themselves.
To help malaekahana came the aesthetic Commission of the all-Union Institute of range of products of light industry and culture of clothing. She recommended "Golden mean" for the length of skirts and dresses, strictly and intelligently differentiating this essential silhouette line for women of different ages, with dresses, time of day and year.This trim was put an end to the madness of those who uncritically treated myself and Monica, opened for all to see their natural disadvantages: not very pretty knees, not so, to put it mildly, slender legs and less than ideal complexion. But these and other vices and tries to disguise well made, trendy but tailored clothing. To disguise and not to stick out.
The reader may object that no decreeing that comes even from the aesthetic of the Commission, it is impossible to discourage the pursuit of fashion. True. Here much depends on a persons culture, upbringing, innate sense of proportion and taste. But we must not forget that and things which nurture, promote the development of good taste. Therefore, mass adoption of models that passed testing to the same aesthetic of the Commission, performs the function of a caregiver. These models represent a conception of the beautiful, fashionable, are taught how to evaluate fashion and correctly follow them.And then there will be grief, if you find that you cannot follow the latest cry of fashion, because for this particular person is not suitable. We need only remember that fashion is not red tape. It allows you a little to let her not to be ridiculous. Just a little longer skirt or, say, instead of fashion, women will choose another one that suits her.

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