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From beautiful to beautiful

When a person buys clothing or orders it in the Studio, it makes it a lot of requirements: it must be beautiful, convenient, practical, not very expensive, etc. this is not a complete list of beauty STO~of it in the first place. And not by accident. People can very well understand the aesthetic theories or have them a very rough idea, but understanding a beautiful lives in it always, for then he should be jointly developed standards. Aesthetic norms. No wonder the great proletarian writer Maxim Gorky said: "Man by nature is an artist.He is everywhere, one way or another, tends to make in your life beauty". These words probably refer to the people of antiquity, who, having no concept of aesthetics, felt organic need to decorate with various patterns ears, neck, hands, feet, and savages - even the nose. Proof of this is found in various graves jewelry: earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets. By the way, wear them in our time, and artists quite often borrow for their old motives.
We already talked about that some historians, on the basis of more ancient origin jewelry, have argued that the clothing came from them. There is no need again to deny it. But to understand this kind of explanation is possible. Because really these or other decoration could give impetus to the development of some element of human toilets, was the inspiration for them. For example, the collar could develop necklaces; belts for clothing - from lace, worn over the hips, etc. Some attributes decorations moved with the times in the pattern, pattern, pattern on clothing.And the more developed the piece, the more subdued it yourself decorations.
Continuous, persistent search of the beautiful has preoccupied humanity since it began to create a serve yourself items. This is fully applicable to clothes. Each opening over time perfected, polished, replaced by other more modern. To replace one forms pretty came other, endlessly born and born a new style of art.
Throughout the history of mankind the problem of the aesthetics of clothing was both a problem of social class, was considered from her point of view. Remember the attire of the era of feudalism. Nobles, princes, counts, kings were considered beautiful only clothes made of expensive materials chalcedony with countless ornaments of gold, diamonds, pearls. It was intended to glorify them in the eyes of society, to serve as a symbol of power over the working people. One kind of "powers" was, in their opinion, to strike fear in the subjects, to inspire their obedience.Adorned with the Lord and each other, showing their wealth and "nobility". First, it may have been and the second completely absent. Nothing can cover up the inner emptiness, nothingness and other vices of the exploiters.
However, understanding and perceiving the social meaning and purpose "gilded" clothes, it should be recognized that at times thus was created true masterpieces of the art.. were not Created by those who wore these clothes, and those who wove and cut, sewed and decorated it. Themselves the true creators of beautiful not only starved, but also went in rags. More they could not afford. The fruits of rare creativity of the original artists, great designs of clothes, where the national character is combined with simple, elegant forms, others reaped the rich bums sitting on the neck of the people.And the great masters of their craft, working people, forced to serve the tastes of the upper, whose Lord was gold and money.
Completely different, a new attitude to the world of things developed in our country after the great October socialist revolution, to abolish the division of society into classes of exploiters and exploited. The revolution that transformed all aspects of life of the people, was the beginning of the creation of the aesthetics of the victorious proletariat. This, in turn, could not be reflected in the applied arts and, in particular, on clothes.Not suddenly have developed a contemporary aesthetic requirements for clothing, but from the very first days of existence of the Soviet Country and all truly beautiful was put at the service of working people.
The Soviet aesthetic thought in the field of clothing, aesthetic norms were born in the result of a complex and varied creative process. Experts have studied proportions of the human body and features of the figure, the value of silhouette and line, the appropriateness of the form and certain details of costume, contrast, colour combinations and interaction of colours, comprehended and mastered the laws of visual illusions explored ensembles in General. Was conducted a long sociological experiments, population surveys, we compared the best examples.Of the many tips, recommendations and even the vagaries of fashion were selected by the "Golden mean", a grain of truth. It was about creating your own style, own direction, but without that dull monotony, which is sometimes so characteristic of the Western attire of the so-called average person. Judgments, searches, finds, expression of various concepts in this direction were reduced to one thought - the clothes of a Soviet man must be created according to the laws of beauty, to meet the requirements of high culture in artistic and aesthetic terms.
What is this beauty that should be taken into account when evaluating certain samples of clothing?

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