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From beautiful to beautiful


Doctors say: there is a world of two absolutely identical human organisms. This fully can be attributed to the shape and proportions of a person. They are different - the correct, normal stature and irregular, with some deviations from the norm, there are people stooped, pereghibati; a full, narrow, high or low, sloping shoulders; a thin, flat thighs or sharply protruding; with a slightly full chest, not in agreement with the General proportions; with o-ring or ikso-shaped feet, and many other features.Even in entirely normal at first glance, the figure often found separate flaws. To eliminate them physically - the case of the doctor, sometimes the man himself; to make imperceptible externally, possibly with the help of clothes, or rather - a skillful choice of style. When designing individual points of the suit by the application of decorative parts can be to some extent mitigate these or other disadvantages, and sometimes make them completely invisible.So, in the over-developed woman's bust on the bodice is usually used a vertical line of stitches or finishing, eliminate false or false flap pockets, and also any kinds of finish on the chest. Such sartorial tricks like visually reduce the bust.

Or here's another example concerning women low growth, with sharply protruding hips. Avoid the belt in a coat, because it divides the figure, shortens the man, and the hips seem more prominent.

Fashionable popular pleated and ruffled skirt increase hip. Women with a full and wide hips not in pursuit of the temptation of fashion to add to the bulging body parts. No less elegant they look, if you wear a straight skirt with inverted pleat in front or back, is made below the end of the hips. A low rise or a half-belt coat (this applies to both women and men with such defects) also divides and belittles the figure.

When the horizontal neck and Empire cut out dress only emphasizes the defect, but not hides it. But it is necessary to apply a vertical, oval or probrosy neckline as it creates the illusion of an elongated neck. Specially accentuated waist short straight costume reduces the apparent height of the person. Slouching can be mitigated by using Drapes, tucks and undercut at the shoulder line of the dress. Such techniques give the upper part of the figure magnificent form.

If delicate, petite woman can afford dress with pockets different styles, for full patch pockets, namasivaya completeness, is contraindicated. There is better look Welt. 

The same visual laws of proportion apply to men. 

For example, tall and skinny in too short the jacket looks awkward legs look very long. Too long coat on the upper part of the figure more elongated and narrow-fitting the jacket so will emphasize the thinness that the person does will seem like a "skeleton."

Nature has imposed on the shape and appearance of each person in a certain individual fingerprint. Sometimes it is necessary to hide, sometimes on the contrary - I want to emphasize. The art of adjustments and divert attention from certain undesirable characteristics of the shape, tactful underscore the advantages - is the art of creating illusory perception. And one of the most important fields of its application - clothing.

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