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Home » Articles » According to the laws of beauty

From beautiful to beautiful


First of all, the terms.

Silhouette is a planar image of a person or object.

Silhouette in clothing characteristic of the contour shape of the figure. It defines its main and overall proportions.

The basic silhouette lines in dress are accented at the shoulder line, waist, hips, chest, and hem clothes. They all belong to horizontal lines, which varies the fullness of the figures is getting to be wider or narrower. The vertical line is the length of the dress, skirt, coat, jacket, pants, adjust the length of the shape, make it visually higher or lower.

These top contour silhouette line of the image is unstable. They vary not only depending on the shape, but also on fashion and style.

There are also constructive lines formed by separate pieces and defining the design of things. It lines the side and shoulder seams, sleeves, Darts, reliefs, etc., the location of which in the total composition should be in harmony, that is, to connect as one so as to decorate clothes. The purpose of these lines is to set off the style, to emphasize the figure, to eliminate or to alleviate its shortcomings.

Finally, there are also decorative lines. They serve as a harmonious, proportional relationship and coherence between the individual parts (reliefs, stitching, pockets, belt, belts, trim), as well as their proportionality, rhythmic, logical location, and striping.

All the lines in the clothing are designed to create the perfect shape figure, in harmony with the appearance of the human body, growth, etc.

Proportion is a certain combination of parts and proportionality between them. For example, the width of the shoulders, sleeves, chest all clothing items, their sizes and shapes must be consistent with the overall size of dresses or suits, their location and distance. They should be combined and composite, to meet the requirements of the aesthetic and rational expediency.

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