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From beautiful to beautiful


The style is a development of the basic profile details. Their importance in the overall appearance of the clothes is very important. Skillful handling of details contributes to the creation of a slim silhouette, beautiful lines. So, if you are too narrow and sloping shoulders with shoulder pads rounded or extended collar can give the normal correct form.

Lowered the armhole and sleeve fit polarella hides some square shoulders. The sleeves are a "flashlight" or birdies smooth out the angularity of the shoulders.

Round or rectangular cut-out in dresses and blouses will draw attention away from the elongate face of the woman, he say with a thin neck. But the high collar will only aggravate the defect, for women with short and wide neck it makes the chin more puffy. Draping at the gate, clips or beautiful modern frill will replace fashionable neckline which is totally unacceptable in nonsmooth neck or protruding collarbones.

Women with narrow shoulders and a broad chest should not be upset due to the fact that Raglan cut, and still considered a classic, it is contraindicated - it is more visually narrows the shoulders and emphasizes an overly broad chest.

If it is fashionable coat with cap sleeves, then, since you have broad shoulders, do not rush to sew it - you risk even more "expansion" of the shoulders. Such figures fashion is also taken care of. She encourages them vtachnoy sleeve that creates graceful lines and a soft silhouette.

Large ornamental pattern located on the fabric is symmetrical (flowers, other kind of printed material), should be in the dress to keep. Excessive seams, Darts, reliefs break the symmetry of the parts of the ornament, and sometimes warps the shape or knock the silhouette of the dress.

Fashion will condemn, and will even approve lean men, which is adjacent trendy jackets, even more judasa figure, wear a suit, a few expanding the chest and shoulders, and the pants are wider than usually accepted. Not a problem, and dignity, if the short hand is a fashionable cropped sleeves more elongated.

For men who have long neck, the shoulder line is less sloped, the mouth more closed, the lapels are too high, and the collar shorter. This construction of parts is somewhat conceals the drawback. If the short and full neck shoulders more sloping neckline is more open, the lapels are somewhat understated, and the collar longer.

Excessively round or wide face is well masked by the narrower and more notched lapels. And broad and dumb disguise long face with an elongated chin. A small increase to compensate for exaggerated lapels, a well-located line leaves the top pocket of my jacket, high button closure and waist line.

Men o-neck or ikso-shaped structure of the legs should avoid tight pants throughout. On the line of the tribe they can be somewhat expanded. It makes the legs more smooth and slender, and defects - barely noticeable.

Thus, by varying the different lines, you can create all sorts of shapes of clothes to suit the figure. We emphasize again that the approach it is necessary strictly individually, differentially. And the only way to achieve harmony and beauty.

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