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From beautiful to beautiful


, These issues are collectively and separately the artistic grain, without which beautiful clothes is unthinkable, and simply not perceived. 
What are these qualitatively important components?
People, for centuries, fed by the plants of the earth, who created the primary food, housing and clothing from gifts of the forests, rivers and seas, could not, in his further quest not to get carried away with color. The color spectrum created by the ancient's greatest artist - nature began to be used in full. But the man would not be man, would not have been a thinking creature, if not tried to improve this surrounding his Arsenal of colors new, equally charming, full of poetry and inspired.In clothing this was particularly evident with the invention of the fabrics, the colours which the variety of shades, juicy, racy significantly surpassed the rainbow.
In fact, red is the color that we see clearly in the spectrum of the rainbow, the people added cherry, raspberry, Burgundy, pink; yellow duplicated on lemon and cream; blue electric and blue; green, bottle green, turquoise; purple: mauve, lilac, etc. And not only complements, but also a very peculiar classified by assigning red, orange, yellow warm, because they resemble the color of the sun. Green, blue, Indigo and violet were called cold, in similarity with the color of the ice, the sea, the night, metal.Those other colors are intermediate colors, is also relevant, depending on the tone to warm or cold. As for the black, white and grey colors, they are not included in the solar spectrum, but their role in the overall harmony of the colors remains a classic.
Aesthetic norms of application of this color palette, the rules of combination of colors affect the artistic appearance of the garment. The neglect of this cruelly avenges itself. Each of us can daily observe how successful and unsuccessful examples, sometimes reaching to the ugliness. Therefore, it is useful to know what are the patterns of combinations.
The interplay of colors is the harmony of colors, their successful artistic combination. It manifests itself most often in the phenomena of contrast observed in close proximity to the flowers. For example, a black dress person paler than white; purple yellower than green; blue detail on the yellow dress looks different than the green or red.
The contrast is the change of color from the neighborhood with others. In other words, when any tone is emphasized by the neighborhood with its complementary color. For example, strips of the same grey fabric, superimposed on a red or green background, little will be similar to each other: red grey stripe will look greenish, green - clearly pink. 
There is another way to achieve the harmony of colors - identity and gradual tones. 
Identity - the convergence of two different tones of the same color, regardless of whether it is relevant for the range of warm or cold tones.
Gradually - varying intensity of one of the tones by adding to it another, say to violet purple. 
More saturated color enhances called contrast, less saturated, on the contrary, weakens. So, in a bright red dress greenish tint of the face becomes more apparent, more visible.
Cool colors - green, blue - are stronger in contrast than warm - red, orange, yellow. Therefore, the face of the man in the green dress is rather pink than red - green. The word "playing" with color, the same clothes can give beauty to the fact that without it loses. If the color is ignored, it creates a look that is different from reality.
Of course, it would be possible to develop a theme, establishing a certain classification of different types of color complexion, eyes, hair, etc. it is Necessary to say that such attempts have already been made in the literature. Some authors have tried to write tips for some the only recognized recipes. They gave colour recommendations and Blonds with pale complexion and light brown hair with grey or blue eyes and Golden-haired, redheaded, with white skin and green eyes, etc.
In fact, all these provisions are controversial and in theoretical and in practical respects, was not applicable. After all, in life there are (not the exception) many examples of how the different colors do not coincide in harmony with the features of the type drawn by the authors of the recipes. Reality always rejects any speculations, especially those that are proclaimed by law. Harmony harmony and soglasovannosti paints can be divided into retroconstruction, contrast, half-tone and solid colors.
Retroconstruction are, for example, red - blue, red - blue, red - white, red - green, orange - black, orange - blue, green - white. They are applicable in sports, youth, children's, resort clothes, but not casual or dressy. However, fashion designers proceeding from national features of their countries, the tastes and needs of their fellow citizens, not always considered the accepted canons and a violation of their succeed. It is important not to deceive artistic flair. This applies to all cases "games" color.
Contrast combination is a cherry - pink, blue - blue, purple - lilac, green - light green. It belongs to the category of calm, restrained, artistically meaningful and therefore used in various types of clothes. 
Half-tone combination of cool colors with warm inherent in likely dresses girls summer dresses girls where very nice and gentle are these symbioses colors: pale pink, pale blue, pale green with pale lilac, etc.
It is plain that is plain harmony can be attributed to such combination, brown with beige, light red with dark red, light green with dark green. 
We must remember that the same finish color will give different effect on dark and light background. For example, a pale blue trimmed collar, bakey, cuff blue dress that caresses the eyes, looks more elegant than a white dress where the same finish color looks faded.
To exclude the artistic disparity of color patches, need to know the rules of color combinations. So, black harmonizes with white, red, green, orange, blue - white, grey, blue, purple; electrician - with gray, white; blue - white, blue, electric, black; brown, white, beige, cream; yellow - brown, green.
However, the combination of colors depends on the purpose of clothing. Solid combination of primary fabric trim characteristic casual clothing fat women. The combination of black with white, blue with white, brown with cream looks good in different clothes people of all ages. 
For cognition does not stop to give a General characterization of some flowers. 
White increases the size. Contrasts well with almost all colors. Feature: accentuates the reddish skin tone of the face and hands, it enhances the pallor.
Black color reduces the size. The combination of this noble color with white creates a sharp contrast and a pleasant artistic effect. 
The orange color is a gentle, less rich shades than red. 
Yellow has many shades. Its major drawback is that it ages. 
Blue color is generally bright people. But its more dark tones suitable for women with dark hair.
The green color is very calm and pleasant. A wide range of shades, in which it is easy to find for any color hair. However he is not devoid of vices all its shades is almost usually do face pale. 
Purple - a dense rich color. Ages, like brown. But the blue colours are quite common and fashionable.
In practical application, all of the "laws" can give a variety of effects. It is important to consider two main points: the saturation and lightness of color; contrasting colors can only be applied to those shades of coloring which it is desirable to emphasize. Namely: blue-blue - pink cheeks, blue purple - zolotisty hair, orange - and- blue eyes. 
However, a certain standard no. Is the color composition of the costume with its own distinctive features and characteristics. Her must proceed.
Modern women's and children's clothing more characteristic of a different combination of colors than the men's. But one of the mandatory harmony. In other words, the colors need not exclude each other but complement, the cheerfulness of the color or colors - not to exclude restraint and rigor. Artistic, emotional expressiveness - that's the main thing.
As already mentioned, our conversation is about the combination and interaction of colors based not on abstract philosophizing, and on the theoretical and practical study of various color effects. And we emphasize once again the practical tips have only a conditional and not binding. Their purpose is primarily informational. They are designed to the extent possible, to contribute to the development of artistic taste. Therefore, dogmatic understanding of these tips or, worse, ill-considered their application is excluded.
The modern aesthetics provides a wide and diverse range of colors of clothing. You only need to pick it up, accurately determining that a person is suitable in each case, in each kind of suit.

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