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From beautiful to beautiful


is Somewhat higher in the analysis of the silhouette, line, style we already touched on to some extent, certain details relevant to visual perception. But since this topic is in the aesthetics of clothes, a special place, it needs an independent light.
Optic illusion is the immediate visual impression created by the illusory elements reproducing the effect of a full-fledged artistic image. Optic illusion is considered "normal deception of the eye", that is the law, which has nothing to do with illusion or judgment. On the contrary, we see the subject is perceived as we actually see.
If you draw, for example, two identical circle, one can draw a horizontal line and another vertical, then the first round, it'll seem advanced, the second slightly elongated, oval. 
Similarly, several identical weight and sizes of boxes to paint some in white, others in black, and everybody says that the black is longer, and if you try to raise, it will be argued that heavier. These experiments were conducted.
Now try to put together two exactly the same growth women or men dressed in costumes of different silhouettes, styles and made of fabrics of different patterns, one of them visually seem longer than the other. No wonder they say that a dress with vertical stripes makes you taller and narrower, with a horizontal shorter and wider.
In addition, all depends on the magnitude and frequency bands. When dress the fabric consists of vertical lines with wide intervals, the figure seems thinner and taller, with narrow gaps that the visual impression is not created. Small horizontal stripes increase the visible width, wide lanes increase the size.
The dramatic effect of the laws of visual illusions in clothes is observed in other examples. Thus, a wide notch collar slim makes the neck even thinner; in too large short sleeve thin arm thinner; full figure dress in a wide - fatter, thin - long and narrow - more lean and long. 
Fashionable combo dress - skirt and blouse in a contrasting color, suitable for tall and thin, is not low and full. These dresses divide a shape, highlight the fullness. The cuffs on the sleeve, bent up, shortens the arm, lowered down - extend
The effects arising from our visual perception should be attributed to the illusion of volume, depending on color. For example, large circles (flowers, gasket), especially concentric, creating the impression of sphericity, a great relief and bulges. Red and yellow, in contrast to the other, as would bring the object. Red and yellow surface appears convex and is blue or blue - concave, receding into the distance. Warm colors - red, orange and yellow are forward, cold blue and blue - retreat.
Back in the old days Russian women's clothing of red cloth was considered the most elegant. The words "red" and "beautiful" is unambiguous. "Beauty", "ochrasy" and "beauty" have the same root. If, in fact, the woman who doesn't like red? People in clothing of that color draws everyone's attention. However, the measure is necessary. No matter how great the temptation to wear red, we should not forget that some look worse than it would look in another dress. Like too bright a color, it increases the human figure, emphasizes, if any, of her physical shortcomings.
Now it is easy to guess: no matter how bright, attractive, desirable nor were red and yellow or bright saturated colours of the dress, the complete women not to put their figures on display, you should not wear them. They need to choose the fabric medium, and even better small figure. And the most suitable for them, the smooth fabric. Lean well and high just suitable large packings, large cells, wide band, large flowers and large polka dots, which visually complete the shape.Skinny women low growth to avoid major figure, as they would be even less. Better to choose smooth or fabric, or fabric with a very small figure.
The same rules of the illusion apply to hats, style, form and lines which visually change the appearance of the growth figure. Big head in a small hat will seem huge. Hat with lines directed upwards, increases the growth. Women below average height are contraindicated large field in hats, as well as a small hat does not fit larger women with round face. Hats with high head and high fields are not recommended high women. These lines it is better to use women with low or below average growth. This makes them higher.
In men with a wide and round face high head hat, wide field smooth out these features. For the narrow elongated face, it is better hat with a low crown and wide brim, slightly turned-down front.
Having a few issues visual illusions, we can see how their practical application takes on the character of aesthetic perception of the surrounding us world and ourselves. Subconsciously we always feel, even if we don't know that there is a specific law of the optical illusion. How many times saw at first hand its positive or negative effect. Remember what happened with the fashion of recent years that have recognized reasonable to recommend that men among many other costumes with large cells. The reaction in this fashion had an impact pretty quickly.Often you could see slender men in plaid suits. They look beautiful and elegant. Everyone understands that fashion is not wrong, but as long as the same suits are not put on men's low and below average height and even full, which was a shame to watch before they mutilated themselves. Of course, the fault was not fashion, and they do, because they do not know that all sensible recommendations, chose the worst.In all likelihood, they were not aware that plaid, especially medium and large, visually lowers them look fat, it would be better to wear a suit of smooth fabric or tissue frequent, not very bright stripes make a person more skinny.
This can be seen in the other cases, blind adherence to fashion, without regard to their own advantages and disadvantages. So, somewhat elongated jacket adorning the overall silhouette of a man above the average, and tall, unwisely adopted the "arms" undersized, which makes such a suit is much lower. Something similar happens with a mutated versus the last double-breasted jacket. He received the recognition of modern fashion and really beautifies the appearance of tall and slender men. But for low, it is absolutely not acceptable. And all for the same reason.Besides, offset to the side of the line zipper double-breasted coat as it separates him from his pants and divides the figure into two stubby half.
Conversely, the line closure single-breasted jacket, located in the center merges with the line of the pants makes the silhouette of the suit is solid, slender, elongated. Elegant detail - slots on the side seams, giving in proportion to the folded figure of the artistic effect, men with sharply developed and bulging thighs have a disservice. But another fashionable jacket without side slot, loose-fitting shape, will help to hide this defect.
In short, paying tribute to the visual effect, anyone can avoid the temptation to take captivating, sometimes fashionable details, to order or to buy for clothes made in full accordance with their own personality and artistic demands of fashion. Honestly, sometimes, and may be always useful in a little bit to keep up with fashion than to walk with her in the leg. Of course, we are talking only about cases where it is associated with certain defects in the human figure. All others, please stay tuned for new developments, feel free to take them.But still remember the good Polish saying "Co West, it is not the healthy" - that too, is not sensibly.
I want in conclusion to quote the words of one international grandmaster in chess. I think he will not be offended for publication of his records he made in the author's copy of his book, which he gave to the Moscow tailor L. O. Lanes. It reads: "Dear Leonid Osipovich, whose magic skill does slender even such men as the author of this book".
Of course, the famous chess player, giving yourself feature, overdone. We know that man often allows himself such remarks in your address which would never allow others to do so. But that's not it. The fact that the author of this record are well aware of the role of visual illusion and patiently, not resenting cutter, trusted to his artistic intuition and understanding of the aesthetics of clothing. And as you can see, was not mistaken in his trust.
All that has been said, it is only.a prelude to the more detailed conversation, confirming the importance clothing has every detail, every little thing. Maybe individually, they to us seem small, insignificant. But taken together is a single, slender, aesthetically-founded ensemble, where any oversight, any loss of stroke violates their integrity, and sometimes destroys.
Here we come to the important question of how an ensemble of clothing, that is harmonious combination of all the items, suit and coat, jacket and dresses, hats and shoes, etc., by color, shape, material and purpose, bound together by the common style. The sophistication of each individual item does not represent a value if it is not associated with all or brings discord.
The most expensive things, the best in quality, texture and pattern of the fabric is easy to devalue vulgarity or incompatibility with other accessories. Conversely, the cheapest items with enough taste and tact are arranged in the ensemble and selected in line with the human individuality make clothes elegant and attractive. Inappropriately dressed beautiful things can be a sign of bad taste. Good taste is simplicity, feasibility.
However, it is impossible to simplify, to allow the interpretation of primitive simplicity, in order not to miss the main thing. In fact, you can wear a dress that meets all the rules of simplicity, but is not compatible with the requirements of beauty, a Thing simple in form, a good suluet, concise in composition of detail, but is not compatible with the choice of fabric, decorative finishes, colour harmony, etc., will not be "sound". Such simplicity, devoid of a sense of proportion, it is better not to adhere to.Simplicity, dressed in peacock feathers, scares, easy, spoilt irrelevant in this case a jewel, it acts depressing. This enumeration can be continued.
The Soviet people alien to the extravagance, pretentiousness, the desire to outdo each other in clothes. The aesthetic worth of modern Soviet clothing lies in the fact that it is strictly differential - provides certain lines and colors for people of different ages, builds, takes into account the time of year and occupation of the person, the purpose of the suit.
To dress fashionably means first of all to know oneself, to be able to choose from a variety of styles, lines, colors, shades that suits you, your face, figure, height, age, what is necessary in the particular circumstances of a specific setting that is complemented by appropriate, relevant, suitable adjustment to the basic clothing of various accessories.
A few words about modesty in clothes allow you to Express Athenian orator and publicist Isocrates, who lived many years before our era. He wrote: "In clothes try to be graceful, but not a FOP; a sign of grace - decency, and sign bill - overkill". All this, plus timely care of the suit, plus the ability to wear and is the basic elements of culture clothing. 
Clothing is one of the expressions of the concept of beauty. And as you know, true beauty is always aesthetically educates people. This is its eternal significance.

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