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Development of the models

The different physical characteristics of FEMALE FIGURES 

Clothing should be not only beautiful, durable, hygienic but also to match the size and shape of the human body. Depending on the degree of development and distribution of body fat on some parts of the body identifies three main and one additional group body weights (Fig. 350).

1 group includes the types of shapes with more or less uniform girorastvorimie; to group II - two types of shapes with uneven girorastvorimie: upper and lower; to the group III - types of shapes with uneven girorastvorimie; tuloviŝnaâ and extreme type. In additional group of options types of shapes, characterized by a significant fat deposition in limited areas.
Every typical woman's figure is characterized by three leading (main) dimension symptom - chest girth third, body length, hip girth, taking account of the protrusion of the abdomen. All standard shapes are grouped into four polnochnye groups 1, 2, 3, 4. Belonging to one or another polnocnej the group of women is determined by measuring the circumference of hips, taking account of the protrusion of the abdomen. The completeness of a given shape determines the difference between the poluobhvat hips and poluobhvat chest third. This difference is equal to:
1st polnocnej group - 2 cm; 
2nd polnocnej group - 4 cm; 
3rd polnocnej group - 6 cm; 
4th polnocnej group - 8 see
The hip is a very important dimensional characteristic, as it most likely reflects age-related changes of the figures, namely, increasing completeness with age. On the basis of age there are 3 groups of model shapes: 
younger age group - 18-29 years; 
average age group is 30-44 years; 
the older age group - 45 years and above. 


To determine the size of garments you need to have the dimensions of a human figure. How are they defined? When individually tailoring the dimensional characteristics obtained by measuring a specific figure. Measurement is necessary to produce without top dress. Remember that even a change in posture affects the accuracy of measurement, so you need to stand straight without strain.
For a precise definition of the balance sheet and related dimensions, you must set the horizontal. This is best done at the waist, as it is clearly defined in shape, easily fixed, has a connection with any point of the figure. Most simply set horizontal with rubber bands. 
Measurement of the figure produce a dense measuring tape and indicate the following in capital letters: 
R - growth; 
O - full-coverage; 
- poluobhvat; 
W - width; 
l - length, distance; 
b - height; 
C - distance between centres.
Measurement values of girths, lengths, heights and width of the shoulder of the slope are recorded fully and poluobhvat, widths and the distance between Sosnovyi points at half the rate as the drawing is built on half of the product. 

The main dimensional characteristics (Fig. 351), required for calculation and marking:
R - growth. Measure the vertical distance from the floor to the apical point of the head; 
SSH - poluobhvat neck. The tape must lie at the base of the neck, the back over the spinous process of the seventh vertebra, side and front - at the base of the neck and wrap over the jugular notch;
C1 - poluobhvat chest first. The tape must pass from the back horizontally, touching the upper edge of the tape to the rear corners of the armpits, at the front, above the base of the breast; 
SG - putting chest second. The tape should be held around the torso, touching the top edge of the tape to the rear corners of the armpits, at the front, on exposed points of the breast. When measuring shapes with low-pubescent breast glands measuring tape at the front must be positioned horizontally with the accounting allowance on the ledge of a breast;
SG - poluobhvat chest third. Measure horizontally around the body through the protruding point of the breast; 
St - poluobhvat waist. Measure horizontally around the torso at the level of the waist line; 
SB - poluobhvat hips. Measured horizontally on the most protruding points of buttocks, the front - taking into account the protrusion of the abdomen; 
Sh - width of the breast first. Measure horizontally from the base of the breast between the verticals, mentally held up from front angles of armpits;
SG - chest width second. Measure horizontally drawn through protruding point of the breast up to vertical, mentally held down from the front corners armpits; 
DTS - back length to waist a second. Measure from waist line to the highest point of the projected seam at the base of the neck; 
DTP - front length to the waist. Measure from the highest point of the designed the shoulder seam at the base of the neck to the waist line through the projecting point of the breast; 
VG - breast height the second. Measure from the highest point of the designed the shoulder seam at the base of the neck to the centre of the breast;
ITRs - height back angle armpits. Measured parallel to the spine from the highest point of the designed the shoulder seam at the base of the neck to the horizontal, which passes at the rear corners of the armpits; 
VPC - height shoulder slash. Measured from the point of intersection of the waist line with the spine to the end point of the projected shoulder seam (tape pull); 
TF is the distance between Sosnovyi points. Measure horizontally between the exposed points of the breast;
SHS - back width.. The tape should pass horizontally through the blades between the rear corners of the armpits; 
Di - the length of the product. Measure in the middle of the back of the line vrachevanie collar to the level of a desired length; 
SHP - width shoulder of the slope. Measure from the highest point of the designed the shoulder seam at the base of the neck to its final point; 
Dr - length sleeves. Measure from the end point of the projected shoulder seam at the outer surface of the shoulder and forearm to the level desired length of sleeve at freely lowered hand;
Op girth shoulder. Measured at freely lowered hand perpendicular to the axis of the shoulder, touching the top edge of the tape measure on the rear corner of the armpit.

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