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Development of the models

Dress with detachable upper part of the front, clinofibrate flirts with 

the Old product (Fig. 368 a). Dress of woolen fabric potrebnoe waist, straight silhouette, long set-in sleeves. The second piece is a dress made of woolen fabric, neotrazimoi waist, straight fit, patch pockets (Fig. 368 b). 
New product (Fig. 368). Dress cutting through the waist, set-in sleeves, deep neckline. Runs from old products of a contrasting color. 

  Construction drawing of the model (Fig. 369, 370). Display main parts: upper back portion, upper front, lower back, the lower part of the front. The circuits are applied to the chest line and the lines limiting the width of the back, the front. 
From the point P3 to the right is delayed a period equal to 1.5 cm, a dot П31. П3П31 = 1.5 cm From the point P6 to the left is the cut equal to 1 cm, a dot П61. П6П61 = 1 see 
further deepening the openings 4 see 
G12 = Г22 = 4 cm 
Line of the armhole on the back and the front is made through the points P1, П31, 1 and P5, П61, 2 smooth lines.
The beginning of the side cut is located at the middle of the width of the openings. 
Г1Г2 = Г2Г4 = 6.3 cm 
Reduction of waist line in front Т8Т81 equal to 0.5 cm 
Tuck in the shoulder cut of the back can be moved to the neckline of the back. 
The drawing is a front planned location of the cutting upper part of the front, clinofibrate yoke, straps and front. The cutting width of the upper part 8 cm strap Width 3 cm Part of a breast tuck is designed to seam primaqiune strap, with the remainder going to the Assembly from the yoke. The width of the yoke П51П52 = 6.5 cm. 

  Sleeve (Fig. 371). Builds a right angle with the vertex at point O2. Through the point O2 are horizontal and vertical lines. The height of the crown is equal to 15 cm Through the point O1 draw a horizontal line on which is deposited the width of the sleeve equal to the measurement of the arm circumference (Op) plus the increase in free fit. 
W sleeve = Op + p = 30,3 + 7,7 = 38 see 
О1Р1 = О1Р2 = 1/2 X Rukawa = 1/2 X 38 = 19 cm 
Segments О1Р1 and О1Р2 split in half. 
О1Рп = О1Рл = 9.5 cm.
From the point of RL is restored up perpendicular to the intersection with the horizontal line drawn through the point O2, which is delayed a period equal RP1 = 8.5 cm From the point of RL up also restored the perpendicular, which is delayed a period equal to РлР3 = 9 cm
From the point P2 to the left and from the point P1 to the right segments are deposited, is equal to 4, see 
Р2Р12 = Р1Р11 = 4cm. 
Connect the points P12, P3 and P11, 1 straight lines. 
Segments Р12Р3 and R111 divided from the middle of the regenerate normals 5-6 = 1.5 cm and 7-8 = 2 cm.
Line of lifts the sleeve is carried out through point P12, b, P3, O2, 1, 7, R11. 
Down from point O2 on the vertical hold with a period equal to the length of the sleeves, put the point M1. О2М1 = 58 cm From the point M1 to the right and to the left is delayed half the width of the sleeve at the bottom. MM1 = М1М2 = 10 cm 
Points P2M and Р1М2 are connected by straight lines. From points P2 and P1 down deposited 20 cm, put point 4 and 3. Sections of the sleeve are held through the points P12, 4, M, and R11, 3, M2 smooth lines. 
In the middle of the sleeve stachivaya item width 6 cm 
  Skirt (Fig. 370). Based on drawing a straight skirt. The front panel of the skirt is complemented by the casting detail (Fig. 372) button. Length casting details 30 cm Width of the pleats 10, see 
layout parts cut are shown in figures 373, 374, 375, 376.

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