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Upgrade options

  Embroidery if you update the clothes. A characteristic feature of contemporary fashion is the variety of finishes. The use of finishes when updating the clothing helps to enrich the familiar textures, to hide worn seats in a cut and make the product original and trendy.
Most often used finish line character. It is needed where the fabric is not exactly matched in color. To combine the two fabrics in a single color scheme, introduces additional color in the form of decorative stitching, color of braid, cord, bands, faux leather, suede and other materials.
Two fabrics can connect and embroidery of linear character (Fig. 126). It can serve as a simple decoration and be placed at the edge of the details: the collar, side, sleeve and bottom of jacket or skirt, to draw the neckline, shoulder seam, underarm and joints in detail (Fig. 127). Embroidery can take place and the Beek from the finishing of cloth, covering the worn edges of the parts (Fig. 128).Fashion trend in embroidery is the location of it in the form of a large spot on the shoulder, the bodice, sleeve, hem, dresses and even on the back (especially in the latest trend products) symmetrically and asymmetrically, to match the dress or in the color contrast. To solve the finish of such a plan most often selected form of stylized vegetable ornament.

The most common in modern fashion embroidery applique. Applied applique of faux leather and suede, blackout cloth or drape, from Bologna, lacquer, satin. To design elegant dresses applique can be made of shiny fabric with lurex thread. Applique can be sewn with a strip or convex relief surface, as well as unfastened, lightweight, movable. Convex application is performed with the use of synthetic fleece, a thin layer of batting. The edges of such an application can be enhanced even further finishing cord, Runicom, raised stitches (Fig. 129).Unfastened suitable applied in the design of clothing and elegant character made of a light silk or fabrics with the introduction of shiny metallic yarn (lurex), sequins, beads, bugle.

As a background for applique, especially when you upgrade elegant clothes, widely used variety of tulle, lace fabrics, knitted nets, nylon and other transparent materials. Panels of these materials draw the neck (Fig. 130) and the upper part of the bodice. Of them can be completely cut out and sleeves. Applications in this case can also be pronouncedly convex. Tulle and nylon can be stitch-embroidery draw embroidery silk thread, or thread of lurex (Fig. 131). The application on the grid can offer and the latest trend products for daily assignments and leisure.

In addition to the application still offers a smooth surface (Fig. 132), Richelieu (Fig. 133), various hand embellishing stitches, openwork.
A large spread of strojeva machine embroidery. It is used where it is necessary to preserve the lightness of the fabric (chiffon, crepe de Chine, lightweight wool fabric etc,), especially in draped areas. Modern embroidery is characterized with originality and unexpected combinations of techniques. Combines areas of dense covering with delicate, three-dimensional, with light and air. Unfastened applique may be combined with the elements, embroidered on the product stitch, machine stitch (Fig. 134) or on the openwork.

Fashion recent offers to use a trimming to the removable parts of white cloth; collars, cuffs, jabot, kokila. The edges of these fashion add-ons may emphasize openwork embroidery, made in the technique of Richelieu (Fig, 135, 136), silk braid and lace. The removable parts can be completely cut from lace fabric, guipure, made of rolica, soutache, braid (Fig. 137).

In fashion today, a large place is given different kind of zones. The zone of decoration cloth, artificial leather, suede good complement for any updated product. Offers belts of different widths from a narrow hard on the adhesive strip to wide belts-corsages (Fig. 138). They can be of various forms and the decision of the fasteners, symmetrical and asymmetrical design, solid and combination of materials of different colors and textures. Furnitute metal (buckles, eyelets, golytely) will give them an original look.Common types of belts are braided, various monochrome or two-color weave ending at the ends of long racemes. Plaiting can be used cord, woolen yarn, strips of leather, suede, roliki of fabric finishing. Elegant dress adorn the draped belt of finishing fabrics, which can be fastened with a brooch or decorative flower.

The fashionable design of clothes can be fancy clasp. 
In the group daily, especially the top youth apparel sports type, attract the attention of overhead decorative clasps made of leather, suede and other materials. They allow you to close the Welt loop of the old articles, to give it a modern look (Fig. 139). 
Outdated product can upgrade to pleated and ruffled details - collars, cuffs, flounces (Fig. 140).

Interesting kind of finish is the stitching. It can execute individual parts of the product or the product completely. Quilting can be simple, in the form of strips, cells, diamonds, or more complex fantasy. 
Figure 141 shows a vest decorated with fancy stitch. 
Trim for children's clothing serve as multi-application of drape, leather, suede, and finishing fabrics (Fig. 142).

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