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Upgrade options

 For yourself and for the home. Using outdated clothes to make new fashion products are not limited to the upgrade options.
Of old interesting texture and color of the products whose dimensions do not permit their use for the manufacture of garments, it is possible to make many useful and necessary things for themselves and for the home. As the finish could use a little leftovers from overlapping coats, jackets, dresses, furs and articles made of artificial leather and suede. All can be used in this interesting work, which requires creativity, imagination, and the necessary materials, fabrics for finishing you can buy in the DIY store.
Below offered a variety of samples of products: sewn hats and home-made shoes, bags and other items that adorn our life. 
With creative approach of women to this kind of work products can be changed in accordance with the available materials and finishes. 
An important addition to clothing is the headdress. Or mantle of thick cotton fabrics may be sewn berets of different casual, sporting hats of various shapes.
Figure 143 proposed takes, round the bottom of which consists of four wedges. Kaspen (dimensional strip) is a strip of fabric, folded in half and stitched on the strip for greater rigidity and conservation of size. Wedges grind, scribbling at the seams finishing line and connect with kasperom. Of the same wedges, you can make and the lining to the beret.

Takes figure 144 milder forms. It can be performed not only from the mantle tissue, but use for this purpose and velvet. In this take the bottom round without the wedges. It pritochno to the side, which consists of four straight strips of fabric, gathered at Kalpana. Such takes can be a complement to the clothes more elegant character.

Youth beanie in figure 145 a simple style. Head consists of four wedges. Wedge front decorated with inset into the cage. The same cloth banded visor made of the main fabric. To maintain the shape of the visor between its two parts can be inserted strip and to stitch the common lines.

Beret-cap (Fig. 146) is a trendy headgear in sports. The bottom is a circle, the rim consists of four parts oval. For the decoration on the front of the beret-cap, you can insert a corner of the plaid fabric or mesh. Seam pritochki insert further accentuate color finishing edging. Hard visor machine-sewn and pricescan to casino.
Interesting can be used for redrew and old articles of denim, Bologna and other synthetic fabrics. They're good for making different bags for the beach, bags for household purposes and even more fancy, which can be used in addition to everyday clothes.
Figure 147 proposed bag, which can be manufactured from denim, thick cotton or blended fabric. It consists of two main parts - walls, which if necessary can be ground off in the middle, sides and bottom. All items are strictly rectangular shape, only the walls are in the upper portion angled cutouts. Handles are two strips of wood, threaded in the bending of the upper sections of the bag. Decorate the bag patch pockets with flaps.
A big shopping bag shown in figure 148. The details of the bag (the large rectangle, forming both the sides and bottom of bag, two side walls and cap of two parts connected by a zipper) mysterybut on the batting, foam rubber or drape, cut from an old coat. Large parts can be processed in several parts, positioning them so that not to violate the General form of the bag. Handles are strips of artificial leather or the main fabric, stitched on a rigid strip attached to the stitched strips.All bridging the seams of the bags additionally prostrachivajut on edge.

From a variety of dense tissue, from Bologna you can easily make youth a roomy bag (Fig. 149). The main part is a rectangular piece of fabric and two circles that are side walls. Initially, the primary part pocket scribbled, obtekanii at the top, with the bent lower cut and open side. Then pre-made from the same fabric straps scribbled on the core part so as to close the open section of the pocket, and fasten them at the level shown, leaving a loose part of the handle.The upper open sections of the bag to buckle and insert the lock-lightning. Two circles (side walls) primetyvajut to the open side sections of the bag from the wrong side prostrachivajut and additionally on the front side are decorated with stitching. The bag can be manufactured and lined in cellophane. Main item is large size, you can additionally sew on the bottom.
Bag for the beach is shown in figure 150. It can be made of cotton, synthetic silk and quilt on the foam or batting. The main parts of the rectangular form and the strip constituting the sides and bottom of the bag, smatyvay and turn over so as to leave free ends of the edge for the handles. The handle was sturdy and the edging is raised, it lay the cord. The bag can be with pockets. Faux silk, velvet and other materials to make a purse. It is quite simple in design.The two parts are lined, which is a half circle, and sew edging of the same fabric. The front part can be decorated with embroidery made embroidery, colorful threads of silk or floss (Fig. 151). Wrong side of bag with zip closure.

For women who are fond of needlework, you can offer various products for use in the home. 
The nursery can arrange mats envelopes. In figures 152 and 153 of the proposed variants of such mats in the form of a Bunny and a monkey. They can be made of residues obtained by overlapping coat, pieces of fur, thick cotton fabric. To maintain the shape details of the product it is best to Topstitch on thick fabric such as crinoline. Technique tops - applique. The pockets are sewn separately and attached to the main part. On the edge to lay the cord or braid.
For the manufacture of magazine racks (Fig. 154) use a smooth drape. Applique is made from different colored pieces of materials. On the bottom it is decorated with a fringe of silk or wool yarn. Mounted magazine rack tacked to the ends of which are attached to the cord loop. 
Of the pieces of drape can be made and an envelope for combs and brushes. The basis of his diamond, which stitched pockets funnel shaped. The edges of the parts decorated cord, the upper part applique. The bottom corner of the envelope ends with a big brush, which can be made from the same cord (Fig. 155).
The remaining pieces of cotton cloth, artificial silk and other light materials, interesting colors you can use for making the envelope pillow "matryoshka" (Fig. 156). In the envelope on the day put pajamas, nightgown and other items of children's clothing. When completed, it is a pillow that you can use to design a child's crib. The design of the "nesting dolls" is a two circles. The front side has applique and embroidery glideway, the reverse has an input formed by the overlapping of two processed edge parts.Sew the two circles together with frill edging and coloured edges. Frill, imitating cap, also pre-make edging.

The cushion "the lion" (Fig. 157) is best done in the color beige or gold from any kind of fabric: drape, wool, satin etc. On the front side embroidered appliqued lion's head. For applique, use any fabric, and pieces of artificial or genuine leather. Strips of faux fur the same color sew as shown in the figure. From this fur make the tassel, which is attached at the end of the tail-rolika.
For kitchen from the remnants of linen, cotton, silk you can make a tea cosy (Fig. 158). The warmer consists of a round stand and hood-dolls. The stand is a circle of two layers of fabric on the strip of batting. All together mysterybut on the machine or by hand finishing and edging coloured edging. Cap warmer consists of four wedges of top and a lining, between which is laid the batting. Batting is also cut out in the shape of the wedges and grind off the butt manually so that the seams were not thickened. On one of the wedges of the upper layer of the cap embroider applique and stitch doll.The bottom of the cap is decorated with frill, sewn on top of seam strike the wedges. Then the top layer cover, batting and lining together, okantovany the lower section of the finishing edging. The top cap is attached to the ball-racks, simulating hair. It can be done by wrapping a piece of cotton wool in a circle of fabric, which made applique depicting the hair of dolls.
From old cotton or silk blouses, men's shirts can produce a cap and a bag for the curler (Fig. 159). The cap is a circle, decorated with lace around the edge. At a distance of 4 cm from the edge measurements of the yoke, which podernuta ribbon ties. Bag for hair rollers consists of two parts: a round bottom, it is possible to make a tight Prostejov on the machine the fabric strip, and a rectangular detail, which makes the side sections and sew around the circle to the bottom. Tied the bag with ribbon.

If in the wardrobe there's an old dress from silk blouse made of silk or satin yellow, orange, red, you can sew an envelope pillow "sun" and bury him on the day his nightgown, pajamas (Fig. 160).
The design of the pillow-envelope is the same as described in figure 156, with the only difference that the ruffle in the pillow is wider and sewn round. Frill you can stitch multiple parts, alternating between different shades of colors such as yellow, orange and red. The top and bottom of the cushion and frill smatyvay together and edging decorative edging on the front side. Embroider the pillow can applique, stitch, stitch.

From fabrics, cheerful colors can make a baby bag for Slippers in the form of fish (Fig. 161). The main part is two triangles, made of fabric with polka dots, stripes, plaid. Applique on the head and fins - ruffles from plain fabric. At 8-10 cm from the edge of the bag is sewn a strip (curtain) through which podernuta tape for the drawstrings. Old cotton or silk dresses, dresses of knitted fabric, blouses, men's shirts, you can sew pant set-the-week for themselves or for their children; the remains from the overlapping use for the manufacture of the envelope to store them.The envelope is decorated with asymmetrical ruffle trim, colored piping or band, the word "week" to embroider (Fig. 162).

Virtually any tissue can be used for the manufacture of kitchen mittens (Fig. 163). If the fabric is thin, add a strip of batting. In the manufacture of mittens made from thick fabrics, a single layer of material. Making mittens can be varied. Most often it is bright, simple execution of an application. You can also sew kitchen manners (Fig. 164).
The remains of the overlapping coat of thick and dense nails will be useful for the manufacture of insoles. If insufficient overcoat fabric thickness, insole cut out in several layers and mysterybut on the machine. After wystawiania edges align. On the basis of the insoles, you can make and house Slippers. This billet upper with lining sewn to the sole (the insole). The sneaker is decorated with braid, embroidery, pompom, a piece of long-pile fur (Fig. 165).

Of the same materials are available boots for the house (Fig. 166). They can be made of two structural parts without soles. In this case, portions of the upper mysterybut on the machine with the lining and sew a connecting seam so that it was not hard thickened seams. The upper section of the boots make Runicom, knitted or davazam lapel fur. If the boots are made on the sole-the insole, it is necessary to remember that the lower section of the top must coincide with the contour of the insoles. The top of these boots can consist of two, three or more parts. The design and quilting - the most diverse.
Very useful in hallway Mat with pockets (Fig. 167), which can be adapted to store various household items and additions to the clothes. It can be made from thick fabrics. Choose details in color and texture, grind off and scribbled on crinoline or other dense material. That the pockets were more spacious, they cut out the trapezoid shape. Wide open slice finishing make braid and then pockets scribbled on the pad. Two strips of the same lace with a lining of a dense material attached to the Mat as shown in the figure.The contour overcast and also decorate the braid. In the upper part of the inside attach a loop for hangers.

In figures 169 and 170 are shown mats for the floor in the nursery, hallway, bathroom. Perform the same as the Mat in Fig. 1б7. The dimensions and configuration of the parts depend on the dimensions of the product that is used to manufacture the rug. If insufficient details size old product details pad can additionally sew so as not to disrupt the pattern or to find new solution. Similarly, it is possible to perform the pad dressing room (Fig. 168).
The proposed use of used products only to find direction, imagination will suggest many other variations.

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