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What to consider when modeling clothes

 The color and pattern of the material. For centuries colors are used to Express certain feelings and concepts. The crimson color of the ancient people represented strength and power. In our days in the far East is used in this sense yellow. In England, the USA, Australia, the blue color associated with wisdom, truth, and red symbolizes masculinity. In the middle ages, the color black meant darkness, white - wisdom, red-love, yellow - deception.
In our time, some colors have acquired the meaning of new characters. So, red became a symbol of the revolution, the celebration of victory, the black of mourning and formality, white - purity, pink and blue - baby. And now the wedding dress do most of all white, buy little girls clothes are pink and boys blue. Dress for the prom, make bright white, pale blue, pale pink, light yellow. Formal menswear - black
The color and pattern of the material have great importance in modeling clothes. Each mode offers a specific color scheme. Available colors are bright or quiet, light or dark, clean or complex. Colors gray, black and white steel classic. Always present in fashion and the color beige. Women's clothing is more complex in color. Youth is colorful and bright.
A very important point in upgrading the clothes is a combination of colors in one product or kit. Color combinations can be tone and contrast. The tonal combination is a combination of two or three close colors, such as light, medium and dark shades of some colors in one suit. Contrasting combination of colors makes the clothes bright, emotional. Available in most for youth clothing. Dominated by the combination of blue with red, blue with yellow, red and green. An interesting solution can be obtained with a combination of bright colors with classic black, grey, white.In fashion the last years we notice a combination of black and white, or black, white and red. Grey, white and black can be used in the clothes of classic style. In the design of youth clothing bright colors offer a fashionable range can be combined with white and black.
Color in the clothing affects its shape. A good use of colour we can create different visual illusions. We must remember that the colors are bright and warm (yellow, orange and red) are "exposed", they visually enlarge the shape of the garment, so full figures of their apply is not recommended. These colors are more appropriate in the clothes of slim and slender. Full women are more suitable for the colors of "retreating". Cool colors (blue and green) or dark rich. Full women should avoid contrasting color combinations.It is necessary to distract attention from the parts of the figure, which is not profitable to emphasize.
So, if a person has too broad neck, it is necessary to put a spot of color around the waist or above it. If too dense, the body color trim, eye-catching, have anywhere near the neck. Light gloves with dark suit draw the eye and give some width to the figure. Black shoes and black hat with light costume emphasize height. A dark skirt can visually sause hips, a dark blouse reduce the size of the bodice.
Color is very important, and when making a wardrobe. Women who have found their style in clothes, correctly identified and color. Well, if all products and add-wardrobe - hats, gloves, shoes - are linked together by color. This can be achieved if a basis to take one of any color. In this case, the closet can be chosen in light and dark shades of this color and colors that perfectly match with it. The choice of the main colors in the wardrobe can depend on the color of hair, eyes, skin color and character of the woman.
Of dress code impact and pattern of the fabric. Components of the drawing can be abstract (non-objective), the geometric and concrete. It can be the theme of flora and fauna. The combination of color and pattern of the fabric affect the look of the clothes, her expression. Fabric with a large pattern creates the impression of great relief and bulges. Full and low figure in clothes from this fabric will appear more fully and prosemite. In this case it is better to choose a fabric with a small figure.
For skinny tall women acceptable are: dresses made of fabric with a large pattern, plaid, peas, large flowers, which are visually will make you look heavier figure. Rare horizontal strip, located in different areas visually expand these areas. 
These illusions can be used if you need to visually change the entire shape or individual parts of it.

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