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The connection of the side stepping and middle sections of the pants

 Treatment side seams. When connecting the side sections of the trousers front and rear halves are folded face inward, equalize the slices, marks at knee level and end of the zipper in left side seam. Grind on the front half of the seam width of 1 see Preliminary smachivanie side of slices allowed in the educational process and in the products of tissue with a pronounced pattern. Then the side seams moisturize and rautureau until snug seam. 

With mass production of clothing the side sections join on emergency vehicles with the simultaneous grinding and razotajiem seam.

Trousers with nastronie side seams when smachivanie cuts back halves release in slices of the front halves of 0.2 cm Then the slices zametyvayut and sew the seam under the front half. Scribbled on the front side of the front half seam width 0.7 cm 

 , the Processing of step seams. In the individual production of clothing in the pants step-by-step sections of the back halves make allowance. Before connecting the stepper sections check (for legacy customer's standards) the width of the pants at knee level and below. Then the halves of the pants is folded, right sides inside, stepper butt cuts so that there are no distortions, and schedule 2 - 3 the reference mark from the rear and front halves.

The front and rear halves are folded, right sides inside and smatyvay straight stitches with a length of 1.5 - 2 cm, combining marks. Stepper slices grind off front halves, moisturize and rautureau until snug stitches.

Then the halves of the pants laid on the Ironing table top cut to the left, and seams stepping up (and stepping seams should coincide with the side up to knee level) and produce additional wet-heat treatment of the halves of trousers. If necessary, delay the average cut in the most concave part storevault fold the excess fabric under the bulge of the buttocks, achieving the correct forms of the halves of the pants, which should correspond to the structure of the legs. 

 Treatment middle seam. If the zipper into the side seam, then sew the middle sections of one line together with the front sections. Before connecting the middle sections to clarify (for withdrawn standards) the width of the pants at the top at the waist line and outline it with chalk. 

In the learning process front and middle sections smatyvay. To do this, the right and left halves of the pants is folded, right sides inside, combining malaiya line upper cutoff on the right and left halves, the seams primaqiune wedges in the back halves of the stepper seams and the top sections of the front halves. Details smatyvay straight stitches with a length of 1.5 - 2 cm, clips at the ends.

Flatlock produced by the left front half of the starting line from the top of the slice. Middle seam needs to be strong and tensile to do this when grinding it stretch and strength for him to grind two lines (one line combining with another) or on a two needle machine. Stefanny seam moisturize and rautureau on a special pad. 

If the pants clasp front middle seam sew to the bottom front of the notch cut.

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